Bihar Megaprojects 2024: Powering States Journey to Prosperity

Bihar and the adjoining states are progressing extensively and a variety of new establishments and infrastructure play a crucial role in it. With ongoing and upcoming projects spanning across different sectors, we can expect marvelous growth within the state in the next few years. From education to transportation, multiple Bihar Megaprojects are contributing to the growth of India.

We will discuss the top ongoing and upcoming Mega Infrastructure Projects in Bihar that every citizen should be aware of.

Top Upcoming Bihar Megaprojects 2024

1. AIIMS, Darbhanga

AIIMS, Darbhanga : Bihar Megaprojects

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Darbhanga is a new medical school and research center being built in the state of Bihar. The project is estimated to cost Rs.1,264 crores and is expected to be completed by 2025. The finish timeline hasn’t been finalized for sure but there is an aim to be able to complete it by 2025.

The hospital medical college and research center will house a 750-bed accommodation capacity with a special focus on providing patients with tertiary care and research. The associated medical school will train 100 eligible medical students each year. According to reports, the medical school will offer a five-year MBBS program and a three-year MD program.

What’s great about the establishment of the AIIMS, Darbhanga is that it’s estimated to improve accessible and affordable healthcare in Bihar. Not just that, it is also expected to generate employment and boost the local economy.

The project is being funded by the Government of India and the Government of Bihar. According to reports, around 151 acres of land have been provided by the Bihar government to the Centre to be able to construct the hospital and medical college in the state.

2. Patna Metro

Patna Metro

Officially termed Patna MRTS, it is a rapid transit system that is currently under construction. As the name suggests, the Metro construction is currently underway in Patna and will be done in five phases. The entire project is undertaken by Patna Metro Rail Corporation.

The first phase of the project will start with five stations that will be operational in Patna. It is expected to be operational by 2025. According to the reports, the project is being done under the Private-Partnership mode and will cost ₹133,657.7 million (US$1.7 billion).

According to the reports, the acquisition cost has been paid entirely by the Bihar government. Renowned company Larsen & Toubro (L&T) finalized the deal with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to go ahead with both the design and the construction process.

The completion of this project will come in handy for the inhabitants of Patna, offering them a more comfortable and streamlined mode of transportation. With the consistently rising rate of population, this is going to be a boon for the residents.

3. Patna Ring Road

Patna Ring Road

The Patna Ring Road or the outer ring road project is a proposed 140 km and 6-lane road expressway that will be covering the perimeter of the city of Patna in Bihar.

According to reports, the construction of the Ring Road will break down the area of the Patna State Capital Region into three distinct districts – Patna, Vaishali, and Saran. The total estimated cost of the road and expressway project is around 4800 crore, which is mind-boggling.

The completion of the Outer Ring Road will connect Patna in some immaculate way. For example, the expressway will connect Patna to the north of the Ganges River seamlessly.

Besides the outer ring road project, there is a DPR-approved inner ring road project ongoing as well. The project will prioritize building a bridge between Dighwara in Saran district to Sherpur in Patna district and Kanhauli to Lakhna in Bihta-Sarmera road.

4. Patna Kolkata Expressway

Patna Kolkata Expressway : Bihar Megaprojects

The construction of the Patna Kolkata Expressway, as its name suggests, will simplify the way people travel from Patna to Kolkata and vice versa. The project has been approved by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and spans 450 km.

According to the proposal, this will be a 6-lane expressway that will align the routes between Bihar and West Bengal, offering a comfortable and quick travel experience for travelers between these two states.

This is a Greenfield project that has been proposed under the Bharatmala Pariyojna (BMP) Phase 2 and will be a faster and smoother alternative to the National Highway NH-2 expressway, which travelers currently take for the journey between Patna and Kolkata.

The total estimated cost for the project is Rs. 18,000 crore and is currently under the DPR stage. Formal reports suggest that land acquisition hasn’t started yet.

5. Buxar Bhagalpur Expressway

Buxar Bhagalpur Expressway

The 350 km 4-lane expressway between Buxar and Bhagalpur will simplify the travel experience for travelers. This is a new route that runs parallel to the Ganga River, connecting two states, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

This is a Greenfield expressway that will work as an eastern extension for the popular Purvanchal expressway that’s functional in Uttar Pradesh.

The completion of this project will streamline connectivity and accessibility for travelers. The project is currently under the Road Construction Department (RCD). We couldn’t find a complete rundown of the estimated cost and details about the land acquisition yet.

6. Patna Airport Expansion

Patna New Airport : Bihar Megaprojects

The Patna Airport, known as the Jay Prakash Narayan Airport is currently undergoing future expansion for a variety of reasons. According to reports, the main reason behind the expansion is to be able to accommodate the larger aircraft, which is currently not possible due to Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan and Phulwari Sharif railway stations being nearby.

Since there is a rising demand for passengers and the traffic is getting out of hand, a new terminal of the airport is currently under construction. The project was proposed in October 2018 and construction has been happening since then.

The total estimated cost of the project is Rs. 12.17 billion and is spread across an area of 65,155 sq.m. The expansion will allow the Patna Airport to accommodate 14 aircraft at a time, which is a significant bump from the 6 aircraft situation.

7. Science City Patna

Science City Patna

Science City is a point of attraction in many states and Patna has been building its own. Named the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Science City, the project is currently under construction and spread across an area of 36,000 sq.

The science city is being constructed near Moinul Haq Stadium and is being built to attract students, science enthusiasts, adults, and young children to explore more about science.

According to formal reports, the construction was supposed to be over by June 2023 but it is still under construction with a few touches left. The project is being undertaken by the Department of Science and Technology Government of Bihar and the estimated cost of the project is ₹6,400,000,000 (US$80 million).

8. Raxaul Haldia Port Expressway

Raxaul Haldia Port Expressway

Spanning across a distance of 650 km, the Raxaul Haldia Port Expressway is a popularized and highly anticipated greenfield access-controlled expressway that’s reportedly going to connect three states – West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Bihar.

If you are wondering about the route, the expressway starts in Haldia in West Bengal, crossing through Medinipur and Bardhaman districts in the state. Later, it crosses through Deoghar and Dumka in Jharkhand and a wide range of districts like Banka, Jamui, Sheikhpura, and Nalanda district, etc. in Bihar.

The project has been proposed and looked over by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and the tender was passed in 2021.

9. Aurangabad Darbhanga Jaynagar Expressway

Amas–Darbhanga Expressway

Abbreviated as NH-119D, the Aurangabad Darbhanga Jaynagar Expressway is also termed as the Amas–Darbhanga Expressway and is a 4/6 land expressway that will connect the Amas village with the Bela Nawada village, which is in the Darbhanga district in Bihar.

The official route breakdown of this expressway suggests that it will pass through seven districts in Bihar, including Aurangabad, Gaya, Nalanda, Jehanabad, Patna, Vaishali, Samastipur, and Darbhanga.

Reports suggest that the entire expressway construction project has been broken down into four phases, which include:

  • Amas (Gaya)–Shivrampur
  • Shivrampur–Ramnagar
  • Kalyanpur–Balbhadarpur
  • Balbhadrapur–Bela Nawada

All of these constructions have been given to Megha Engineering and only the last phase will be constructed by Ram Kripal Singh Construction.

10. Mahatma Gandhi Setu Parallel Bridge

Mahatma Gandhi Setu : Bihar Megaprojects

The Mahatma Gandhi Setu is one of the most popular entities in Bihar and a four-lane parallel bridge is currently under construction besides the existing bridge. The bidding process for the project happened in 2020 for the project, which is worth INR 1794.37 crores.

The project is currently being handled by the state road construction department. The main objective behind the construction of the bridge is to ease the overburdening traffic that happens in the Mahatma Gandhi Setu.

After the bidding process, it was SP Singla Constructions Pvt Limited that proposed the lowest bid, which is why the project’s construction will be handed over to them. There were reports and estimates that the project would be over in 48 months.

The parallel bridge will be 14 km long and run from Zero Mile in Patna up to Ramashish Chowk at Hajipur.

11. Nalanda International Cricket Stadium

Nalanda International Cricket Stadium or the Rajgir International Cricket Stadium

The Nalanda International Cricket Stadium or the Rajgir International Cricket Stadium is an under-construction stadium in Rajgir, Bihar. Following its completion, it will be the home ground for the Bihar Cricket Team.

The stadium will house a capacity of 45,000 and is going to be the largest stadium in the entirety of Bihar.

Not just for cricket and for the Bihar cricket team, reports suggest that the stadium will also serve as a sports complex so the players can indulge in other kinds of sports, including football. The sports complex in the stadium will allow the playing of 28 different indoor and outdoor sports.

Also, the stadium will be designed and developed with all the modern amenities and resources that the players would need to streamline their gameplay.

12. Vikramshila Setu Parallel Bridge

Vikramshila Setu

The Vikramshila Setu is one of the most popular connecting bridges in Bhagalpur. However, it experiences immense traffic and pressure, which is why the government has proposed a four-lane bridge to be constructed parallel to the Vikramshila Setu.

The tenders reported that the parallel bridge would be 4.45 km in length and also be 29 meters wide. Reports also suggest that the estimated time for the completion of the project is 1460 days.

MoRTH extended the deadline for accepting the bid to February 2022 and since then there has been no public information released about the tender and finalized project. However, what’s known is that the approval and construction of this parallel bridge will ease the traffic significantly.

13. Ganga Water Lifting Plant

Ganga Water Lifting Plant : Bihar Megaprojects

The Ganga Water Lifting Plant is one of the most popular ongoing projects in Bihar. This is a multi-phase project to generate drinking water from Ganga. The main aim is to ensure easy access to drinking water in some of the underserved districts in Bihar, including Gaya, Rajgir, and Nawada.

The project is being executed in multiple phases and the first phase of the project will cost INR 2,836 crore initially but the amount was later revised to INR 4,174 crores. The project is being operated under the Bihar Government.

According to the logistics, the pipeline that will be generated from the Ganga River to supply the underserved districts will span across a distance of 190.90 km.

14. Patna Marine Drive

Patna Marine Drive

Officially named the Loknayak Ganga Path, the Patna Marine Drive is another popular project is expressway project that’s currently under construction. The project is being looked over by the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) and the Government of Bihar.

The main objective behind this expressway is to ease the traffic and ensure smooth traffic operations on the road.

The project was constructed in three phases and the first two phases have been completed and are operational since 2022 and 2023 respectively. The third phase of the project is under construction and will connect Gandhi Setu to Deedarganj.

The total estimated cost of the entire project is INR 5,600 crore, which has been broken down into the three phases of construction.

So here is the some worth highlighting Bihar Megaprojects 2024 that you have to aware of it. We hope that you got all the information about the Bihar Megaprojects that are happening in this rapidly transforming state.


Bihar and other states in pan India are undergoing drastic changes and improvements in terms of infrastructure and development. If you are from Bihar and the adjoining states and have been wondering about the ongoing and upcoming construction projects about the roads, transportation, and stadiums, we hope this gives you a good look.

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