Tamil Nadu Mega Projects 2024: Building a Bright Future of the State

In the southern tip of India lies a state steeped in history, culture, and a rich tapestry of traditions – Tamil Nadu. Beyond its vibrant heritage, this coastal state is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation, thanks to a series of ambitious Tamil Nadu Mega Projects.

These initiatives are paving the way for innovation and development in the state, redefining the landscape of Tamil Nadu and helping it progress towards growth.

From cutting-edge infrastructure ventures to sustainable urban development, this article delves into the dynamic world of Tamil Nadu Mega Projects that are either ongoing or upcoming.

Top Upcoming Mega Projects in Tamil Nadu 2024

1. Bengaluru Chennai Expressway

Bangalore Chennai Expressway

The Bengaluru Chennai Expressway is an ongoing expressway project that’s going to be operational in 2024 and is reportedly going to cut down travel time by two hours, making things a lot more accessible for commuters.

It is going to be named the National Expressway 7 spans 258 km and is 4-lane wide. The starting point of this expressway is from Hoskote in Bangalore and it will end in Sriperumbudur in Chennai. On the expressway, the vehicles will be able to amp up their speed to 120 km/hr as well.

According to reports, the total estimated cost of the project is around Rs. 17,930 crore and will be over by March 2024.

2. Chennai Peripheral Ring Road

Upcoming Tamilnadu Megaproject: Chennai Peripheral Ring Road

The Chennai Peripheral Ring Road is another huge under development, which will span across a distance of 133.84 km and is a route aligned with Tamil Nadu connecting Ennore Port – Mahabalipuram.

The total estimated cost of the project is around Rs. 12,301 crores and will consist of 10 lanes with 6 lanes with paved shoulders and two service lanes. Also, the design speed is around 120 km/hr. The entire project is being owned by Tamil Nadu Road Development Company (TNRDC) and will connect the towns of Singaperumalkoil, Sriperumbudur, Tiruvallur, Tamaraipakkam, Periyapalayam, Puduvoyal and Kattupalli.

According to reports, the deadline of this project is estimated around 2025 but we don’t have much idea about the progress of the project at this point.

3. Nagapattinam Tuticorin Highway

Upcoming Tamilnadu Megaproject: Nagapattinam Tuticorin Highway

The east coast road that runs between Nagapattinam to Thoothukudi is around 332 km long and the Nagapattinam Tuticorin Highway project will involve the conversion of the current highway into four lanes with an estimated budget of Rs. 7000 crores.

The reports suggest that the ongoing expansion will be taking place under the Bharatmala Phase I (Revised PIB) scheme, and 90% greenfield and 10% existing road lands have to be acquired for the project.

Furthermore, the project will also involve the construction of 47 small vehicular underpasses, 11 bridges, and 669 box culverts. It will also involve the widening of certain major bridges that are in the direction of the construction.

4. Chennai Metro Phase 2

Chennai Metro Phase 2 - Tamil Nadu Mega Projects

Next up on the list of upcoming developments is the Chennai Metro Phase 2, which will include three more lines that will spread across a distance of 116.1 km. The project was approved by the Tamil Nadu government in 2019 for a whopping budget of Rs. 69,180 crore, which has been revised to Rs 61,843 crore.

The construction will be broken down into sections for easy accessibility. Around 52 km will include Madhavaram – Sholinganallur in Line 3 and the remainder will be between Madhavaram – CMBT in Line 5.

The tendering process for the underground construction for the Phase 2 project started in 2020 and since then, it has been under construction. Reports suggest that the estimated deadline for the completion of the project is around 2026 but no confirmation is available right now.

5. Surat Chennai Expressway

Surat Chennai Expressway

The Surat Chennai Expressway is another under-construction expressway that’s estimated to be around 1271 km long and will contain a 6-lane access-controlled expressway. The main objective of this highway is to connect Chennai to Surat.

When breaking down the route, reports suggest that the expressway will pass through six states, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, and will be operated by NHAI.

Traveling through this expressway will significantly reduce the travel experience and time of travelers from 36 hours to 18 hours. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 45,000 crore, which is a revised price from the Rs. 50,000 crore quotation initially.

6. Hosur Airport

 Hosur Airport - Tamil Nadu Mega Projects

Work on the Hosur airport started in 2022 as stated by the relevant ministers of Tamil Nadu. The main objective of the project is to create a Greenfield airport that will involve better eco-friendly decisions and the construction of the project will be done from scratch.

The airport is located in Belagondapalli, which is roughly 10 km away from Hosur. The currently available airport consists of one asphalt runway. It is owned by Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Limited (TAAL) and was established in 1994.

Since Hosur lacks a commercial airport, the state government proposed a plan for the construction of an airport from the ground up but it looks like the Union government has put a halt on the project.

7. Bangalore-Hosur Interstate Metro

Upcoming Tamilnadu Megaproject: Bangalore-Hosur Interstate Metro

The metro between Bangalore and Hosur seems to be the country’s first inter-state metro operation but a lot of businessmen and the public have opposed the construction of this metro line, leaving people wondering why that is the case.

Chennai Metro Rail Limited proposed their tender to first conduct a feasibility test to see if the expansion of the Bengaluru metro up to Hosur, Tamil Nadu seems like a good option or not. According to reports, the tender for the same was opened on September 01, 2023.

This expansion comes as an addition to the Bengaluru Metro’s Yellow Line, which will connect Bommasandra and RV Road in South Bengaluru. Whether or not it will prolong until Hosur remains a mystery at this point. No confirmation will be available until the feasibility report comes.

8. Chittoor – Thatchur Expressway

 Chittoor – Thatchur Expressway - Tamil Nadu Mega Projects

Expressways are currently underway pan India and another one worth mentioning is the Chittoor – Thatchur Expressway, which will span a distance of 116.1 km. It is a project undertaken by NHAI and will involve the construction of a 6-lane expressway that is set to connect Keenatampalli with Thatchoor.

Further, the project was approved for further construction under the Bharatmala Pariyojana Phase 1 program. The total estimated budget for the project is Rs. 3,197.56 crore and the project status is that the land has been acquired and the construction has started.

The deadline for the project is December 2024 and is being constructed under the Hybrid Annuity Mode (HAM). Also, the vehicles plying on this expressway will be able to operate their vehicles at the speed of 100 km/hr, which is quite impressive too.

9. DLF Downtown, Chennai

Upcoming Tamilnadu Megaproject: DLF Downtown, Chennai

Technology hubs are becoming the norm across India and Chennai is not far away. The upcoming DLF Downtown, Chennai is going to turn people’s heads around.

The project involves setting up an Information Technology Park on 26.64 acres in Taramani, Chennai. According to reports, DLF will develop around 7 million sq. ft of space and the entire project will cost around Rs. 5000 crore.

Besides offering a head-turning infrastructure, the development of this IT part in Chennai is expected to generate employment for over 70,000 IT professionals. The foundation stone for the project was laid in 2020 by the Chief Minister of Chennai. Also, the project is going to be constructed in phases, and Phase I of the construction is underway.

10. Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor

 Bangalore Chennai Industrial Corridor - Tamil Nadu Mega Projects

The Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor is one of the most anticipated projects in Chennai and will streamline industrial relationships and communications between the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh.

The construction of this industrial corridor will reportedly streamline any kinds of infrastructure bottlenecks that are affecting the communication and industrial practices in any of the cities. Under this project, a few different nodes are being constructed, including:

Krishnapatnam Industrial Area, Andhra Pradesh – 11098 acre (3 phase development)

Tumakuru Industrial Area, Karnataka – 8484 acre (3 phase development)

This is one of the five industrial corridor projects that are happening in India. Also, it is being constructed under the aegis of the National Industrial Corridor Development and Implementation Trust (NICDIT).

11. Chennai Sea Bridge Project

Upcoming Tamilnadu Megaproject: Chennai Sea Bridge Project

Sea links and sea bridges are one of those developmental projects that leave people in awe. If you have been wondering about the upcoming Chennai Sea Bridge Project, it is reportedly going to change a lot of things across Chennai.

The reports suggest that the sea bridge will span across a distance of 7.6 km and is going to be constructed with one factor in mind – reduce congestion. The sea bridge will link Gate No.1 (Zero Gate) of Chennai Port and Manali Road-Tiruvottiyur junction.

Chennai government has asked NHAI to first generate a feasibility report regarding the project. The project will involve the construction of a creek bridge, access roads, and also installation of signals and lighting systems for a streamlined user experience.

Since there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the project’s execution, we don’t have confirmed information about the project’s inception, budget, or the company that is currently undertaking the project’s operation.

12. Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor

Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor - Tamil Nadu Mega Projects

The Tamil Nadu Defence Corridor is being set up by the Tamil Nadu government and will consist of five nodal points – Chennai, Coimbatore, Hosur, Salem, and Tiruchirappalli. The construction has received significant investments and will overturn a lot of the defense requirements in and around the state. The most Ambitious project among all Tamil Nadu Mega Projects

The government of Tamil Nadu has created MoUs, which highlight the potential investment of around Rs 11,794 crore by 53 Industries and organizations in TNDIC. The setup of new industries in the area is also reportedly going to generate significant income and employment, further streamlining user experience.

There’s no public information about the project’s future or further information about the deadline or initiation of the operations of this defense corridor yet.

13. Chennai Greenfield airport

Upcoming Tamilnadu Megaproject: Chennai Greenfield airport

The new Chennai Greenfield airport project is another significant feat that’s currently under construction. It will be constructed near Parandur of Kanchipuram district in Tamil Nadu, enabling the flyers to have a second option so that the traffic burden is reduced in the primary Chennai airport.

The second airport will work alongside the standard Chennai International Airport and will be spread across a distance of 5,000 acres. The project is being led and undertaken by Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO). Besides helping people travel smoothly, the second airport will reportedly streamline trade relations, export and import too.

The distance of the new Chennai airport from the standard Chennai International Airport is around 57 km and will take roughly around 2 hours. There has been a lot of pushback regarding the project since the land acquisition goes through 13 villages and will affect the lives of many villagers in the area. There have been several protests done by the farmers and fishermen in the area to stop land acquisition.

14. Chennai Mega Sports City

Upcoming Tamilnadu Megaproject: Chennai Mega Sports City

The Chennai Mega Sports City is going to be unveiled on the East Coast road and will be spread across an area of 500 acres and will be done under a budget of Rs. 700 crore. The facility will be constructed on the outskirts of the city and will include all the finest athletic tracts fitness centers and sports complexes.

The mega sports city will be constructed in Thiruvidanthai, which is roughly around 30 km away from Chennai. The completion of this sports city will make practicing different kinds of sports for the athletes a walk in the park. According to reports, the complex will have 18 different sports accommodations, something for everyone to fall back on.

So here is the some worth highlighting Tamil Nadu Mega Projects 2024 that you have to aware of it. We hope that you got all the information about the Tamil Nadu Mega Projects that are happening in this fastest transforming state.


If you have been curious to know more about the ongoing and upcoming Tamil Nadu Mega Projects, we hope this gives you an idea about them. Almost all of them are ongoing projects that are estimated to be completed within the next few years. That said, keep in consideration that one or two of these projects are currently halted due to issues and will be resolved in the upcoming days. It is all about the smooth tender process, approval, and the priority of the project in question.

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