World’s Biggest Construction Companies in 2024

In this article, we will take a closer look at the 15 Biggest Construction Companies in the world.

The construction industry is an important part of any economy, and governments often use it to promote economic growth. The sector employs millions of people and government spending creates more jobs and spending in the economy as homes, apartment complexes, roads and other buildings are built. Instead, it promotes a number of industries involving construction materials such as wood, cement and steel.

Therefore, compared to lucrative sectors like crude oil and automotive, the construction industry is also one of the largest sectors in the world. For example, Exactitude Consultancy said in a research report that the sector was worth $11 trillion last year and will reach $17 trillion by 2029 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3%. Research firms attribute this growth to the growing global population and more people moving to cities to live and earn.

We took a look at the construction industry, followed by the top companies ranked by their market capitalization.

15 Biggest Construction Companies in the World

Biggest Construction Companies in the World

1. Vinci SA (EPA:DG.PA)

Market Cap : $72.62 Billion

Vinci SA is a French construction company, founded in 1899, and is the oldest in the industry. The company works with governments around the world to run motorways and airports. It also builds dams, tunnels, bridges, stadiums and hospitals. Vinci SA also has a property development division.  

2. Larsen & Toubro Limited (NSE:LT.NS)

Market Cap : $60.30 Billion

Larsen & Toubro Limited, established in 1938, is an Indian construction company headquartered in Mumbai. The company builds factories, roads, power plants, water management systems and other large projects. The company operates in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and has over a hundred subsidiaries. Larsen & Toubro Limited also provides products and services not related to construction, such as shipbuilding, educational technology and defence systems and equipment manufacturing. Larsen & Toubro Limited is the one of the Biggest Construction Companies in the world.

3. D.R. Horton, Inc. (NYSE:DHI)

Market Cap : $50.76 Billion

D.R. Horton, Inc. is an American homebuilding company that serves hundreds of locations nationwide. Last year, the company became one of the largest homebuilders in the United States. It has four distinct brands in its portfolio, covering a variety of projects ranging from entry to luxury. D.R. Horton, Inc. is headquartered in Arlington, Texas, and like Lennar.

4. Lennar Corporation (NYSE:LEN)

Market Cap : $44.96 Billion

Lennar Corporation Founded in 1954, is an American manufacturing firm headquartered in Florida. The firm operates in US states like California, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, Washington and Indiana. It houses single-family and multi-family homes. Last year, Lennar Corporation built nearly 60,000 homes.

5. China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited (SHA:601668.SS)

Market Cap : $31.15 Billion

China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited is a Chinese state-owned company that is one of the world’s largest construction companies, primarily in terms of revenue. The firm has built many projects around the world, such as airports, mosques, banks, high-rise buildings, museums and stadiums in the US, Algeria, Thailand, Pakistan and Ethiopia. China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited is the one of the Biggest Construction Companies in the china.

6. Ferrovial, S.A. (BME:FER.MC)

Market Cap : $27.06 Billion

Ferrovial, S.A. is a Spanish construction company headquartered in Madrid. The company operates through several subsidiaries in Europe, Canada, the US and other countries. Projects such as roads and airports are constructed by its many business divisions. Furthermore, Ferrovial, S.A. is one of the largest airport operators in the UK with seven airports, including Heathrow.

7. NVR, Inc. (NYSE:NVR)

Market Cap : $24.49 Billion 

NVR, Inc. is an American firm focused on the home construction industry. This includes condos, town homes and detached single-family homes. In addition, the firm also provides other mortgage-related services, including mortgage title insurance. NVR, Inc. is the fourth-largest construction company in the United States in terms of homes sold.

8. China Railway Group Limited (HKG:0390.HK)

Market Cap : $20.38 Billion 

China Railway Group Limited is a diversified Chinese infrastructure construction company. The company builds highways, railways, airports, tunnels and power generation projects. In addition, it manufactures and sells construction machinery and also provides surveying services. Recently, China Railway Group Limited has attained the status of the world’s largest construction company in terms of revenue, with several subsidiaries under its belt.

9. Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd. (TYO:1925.T)

Market Cap : $19.25 Billion 

Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd. is a Japanese real estate development company that builds homes, transportation facilities, condos, and other buildings. This firm operates and surveys hotels. Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd. is Japan’s largest home builder and the largest logistics company in the country. It also provides houses on rent and home renovation services.

10. China Communications Construction Company Limited (SHA:601800.SS)

Market Cap : $16.21 Billion 

China Communications Construction Company Limited is a Chinese construction company headquartered in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. The company built railways, rail transit, bridges, roads and city infrastructure. It also claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of port, highway, dredging and container cranes. In addition, China Communications Construction Company Limited has several overseas subsidiaries.

11. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (SHA:601186.SS)

Market Cap : $15.20 Billion 

China Railway Construction Corporation Limited is one of the largest construction companies in the world In terms of revenue. It is a diversified construction company that not only designs projects but also conducts surveys, buys and sells assets, designs, makes and sells equipment for railway construction. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited has built projects in China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Turkey and Russia.

12. Sekisui House, Ltd. (TYO:1928.T)

Market Cap : $14.92 Billion 

Sekisui House, Ltd. is a Japanese firm established in 1929 in Osaka. The firm mainly builds houses and hotels. It also gives home remodelling services. Additionally, Sekisui House, Ltd. also has an Australian branch. It claims to have built over two million homes since its formation, and is also in the US, China, Canada and the UK, in addition to Australia.

13. Bouygues SA (EPA:EN.PA)

Market Cap : $14.82 Billion 

Bouygues SA is a French conglomerate that operates in the construction, telecommunications and media sectors. It was founded and is led by the Bouygues family. Bouygues Construction, Colas Group and Bouygues Immobilier form up. They build railways, roads, hotels, residential complexes and power generation plants.

14. Eiffage SA (EPA:FGR.PA)

Market Cap : $10.62 Billion 

Eiffage SA is a construction firm headquartered in Vallée Villacoublay, France. This company, established in 1992, is one of the top ten largest construction companies in Europe. However, Eiffage SA was founded in 1844, as one of its constituent companies created it. The company’s main focus is on urban construction projects like railways, stadiums, roads, metros and solar parks.

15. Acciona S.A. (BME:ANA.MC)

Market Cap : $6.39 Billion 

Acciona, S.A., founded in 1916. is a Spanish construction company headquartered in Alcobendas, Spain. It builds a variety of projects such as roads, power plants, airports, water channels, data centres and transportation systems. Furthermore, the firm is worldwide and produces solar electricity from its power plants.


Here is a Top 15 Biggest Construction Companies in the World for 2024. It is easy to see why these giants made it into the list as these 15 companies have been the best in construction projects for many years. They have proven their reliability in large scale infrastructure projects to residential buildings. These top 15 companies, due to their dedication to high quality and innovative solutions, are sure to be leaders in 2024 and beyond. It will be interesting to see what new and amazing work they come up with in the near future!

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