Surat Megaprojects 2024: Urban Transformation of Diamond City of India

When you think of the commercial capital of Gujarat, we think of Ahmedabad. And, while that is true, Surat isn’t falling short by any means. Known for being a hub for textiles and diamonds, Surat is undergoing rapid urbanization and infrastructural development that’s putting this small city in Southern Gujarat in the foreground. There are a series of ongoing and Future Megaprojects in Surat that will transform the trajectory of the city in the coming days.

Top Upcoming Future Megaprojects in Surat 2024

Following is a list of all the top upcoming Surat Megaprojects you should know:

1. Surat Railway Station Redevelopment

Surat Railway Station Redevelopment

Recently, an 877-crore tender has been approved to kickstart the redevelopment of the Surat Railway Station. With this new project, Surat’s Railway Station will be revamped to become a multimodal transport hub for easy commute and transportation of passengers. The entire project is reportedly going to be done in three phases and will be completed in 4 years. The RLDA, SITC, SMC, and GSRTC are currently overseeing the project. Around 3,31,491 square meters of land have been given for this project and the first phase of construction has already started from the Eastern side of Surat railway station. After the development of one of the Future Megaprojects in Surat, the city center will be world-class.

2. Surat Airport Expansion

Surat Airport Expansion

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) is reportedly investing INR 353 crores for the redevelopment of the Surat Airport. The project’s main focus is on the airport terminal’s expansion from 8,400m2 to 25,500m2. Besides that, this project will also involve the expansion of the parking bays from 5 to 18 in the airport. Reports suggest that around 60% of the project is completed already. According to the estimation, following the completion of the expansion, the Surat Airport will be able to cater to 1200 domestic and 600 international passengers at a time during peak hours.

3. Surat Metro

Surat Metro

The Surat Metro is an under-construction rapid rail transit system that’s happening in Surat, Gujarat. The construction of two corridors will cover a total distance of 40.35 km. The project kickstarted in January 2021 and is expected to be completed by 2027. Also, the overall estimated cost of the project is ₹12,020.32 crore. The project will include the construction of two lines – Line 1 (Sarthana – Dream City) and Line 2 (Bhesan to Saroli). 

4. Tapi Riverfront Development

Tapi Riverfront Development

Tapi is a river that flows through Surat and holds a lot of historical, cultural, and geographical importance. It serves as a lifeline to over 6.5 million people living in the city. The primary objective behind the Tapi Riverfront project is to reduce the volatility of the river, especially when it approaches the Arabian Sea. The completion of this project will help mitigate floods, clean the water, retain and replenish the water, create a continuous public realm and also involve a variety of public projects and amenities along the riverfront to also attract tourists. The entire project is covered around 54 hectares of land along the riverbanks.

5. Surat Outer Ring Road

Surat Outer Ring Road

The outer ring road project in Surat is another mega project that deserves a special mention in the list. The work will involve building 67 km of the outer ring road to pace up the traffic and reduce congestion, especially during peak hours. The project, which started quite a few years back, was delayed due to a lot of conflicts. Spread across 2669 hectares of land, the entire cost of the project is INR 5050 crore. The initial expenses of the project stand at 606 crore rupees. According to the proposals, the construction of these ancillary roads will people time and fuel and ensure smoother transportation.

6. DREAM City


Known as the Diamond Research and Mercantile City, the DREAM City is an upcoming business and financial hub that’s currently under construction in the city of Surat. The project will expand along a distance of 2000 hectares of land and is expected to become operational by 2030. Besides the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City and Dholera Smart City, the DREAM City will be the third smart city in the state of Gujarat. The construction of this space will include office spaces, residential areas, facilities, and amenities for people around. This is one of the most ambitious Future Megaprojects in Surat.

7. Udhana Railway Station Redevelopment

Udhana Railway Station Redevelopment

The Udhana Railway Station is one of the busiest railway stations in Surat, Gujarat. And, a recently approved proposal will conduct complete redevelopment of the railway station to improve its operation and also contribute to the satisfaction and comfort of the passengers. The railway station is being upgraded to a smart and green station under this new project. The total investment for this project is INR 199.02 crore and will be open to passengers by 2024. One of the most significant upgrades will be the introduction of more amenities in the station for disabled people.

8. SMC New Administrative Building

SMC New Administrative Building

Tenders have started coming in for taking up the new project for revamping and redevelopment of the new administration building in Surat. Reports and proposals for the project suggest that the new redevelopment will involve the construction of two new towers, each 28 storeys tall along with a podium floor. Around 14 lakh square feet of the area have been proposed for the project. The initial and estimated cost for the project is believed to be around INR 1080 crore. 

9. Dumas Beach Redevelopment

Dumas Beach Redevelopment

Another important redevelopment project that’s underway in Surat is the Dumas beach development. This involved the construction of a seafront development project, which has been divided into four zones. The first phase of this particular project is being undertaken by SMC. Besides improving functionalities, the completion of this project will also uplift the economy and generate employment.

10. Surat – Chennai Expressway

Surat Chennai Expressway

Last on the list is the Surat – Chennai Expressway a 1271 km 6-lane expressway that’s being constructed by NHAI. This access-controlled highway will connect multiple cities between Surat and Chennai, making the commute shorter and less hectic. The total estimated cost for the project is INR 45,000 crore. Also, the design speed of this expressway will enable the maximum speed of the car at 120 kmph. Also, the estimated date of completion is by December 2025.

So here is the some most recommended Surat Megaprojects that you have to aware of it. We hope that you got all the information about the Surat Megaprojects 2024 that are happening in this fastest growing city.


That concludes all the ongoing and upcoming mega projects in Surat that you should be aware of. Some of these projects are being built from scratch while a few of them are redevelopment projects to further augment their efficiency and operation.

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