Tapi Riverfront Development Project – Know detailed information about project

Tapi Riverfront, which will be built like Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Riverfront, will cost Rs 3904 crore to attract tourists to Surat.

In Gujarat, a riverfront will be formed in an area of ​​33 km along the banks of Tapi river. The government has approved the project. For this, the government will get a loan of Rs 1991 crore from the World Bank. According to the officials of the corporation, this riverfront on the Tapi river will be for the entertainment of the citizens.

Tenders have been re-invited for the construction of such a conventional barrage at 33 km. He said that re-tenders have been announced for construction of Rundh-Bhatha Conventional Barrage and a 10 km long reservoir would also be constructed here under this project.

The corporation has said that various facilities will be developed for tourism and transportation on both sides of the reservoir. The river water will be made clean with the development of greenery and recreational areas along the river bank, water and land management. The total cost of the project will be Rs 3904 crore. The state government has given the green signal to the corporation’s proposal.

About Tapi Riverfront Development

There will be a conventional barrage on the Tapi river which will create a huge water lake up to about 10 km up to Singanpore Weir (Phase-1) and 23 km in length (Phase-2). He said there would be one more road and a boating facility along the river.

In Phase-1, 10 km length was found from Rundh-Bhatha Barrage to existing Singanpore Weir and in Phase-2, 23 km rigid bridge was found from Singanpore Weir. 

The riverfront will be realized by rehabilitating both the banks of the river Tapi in length. There will be projects including an eco-park, public recreation park, upgrading existing garden, informal market, floating jetty for boating, viewing deck, overpasses, pedestrian bridge, ferry development, and discharge tank.

There will also be construction of walkways, cycle tracks, green spaces, overbridges, gardens, amusement parks and other public facilities and renovation of flood defense lines on both banks of the river from the Singanpur Dam to the Kathor Bridge. A road will also be built on the banks of the river, which will provide convenience to the people.

About Tapi Riverfront Development

Progress on Tapi Riverfront Development

An important decision has been taken by Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel. Special Vehicle Purpose SPV Tapi Riverfront Development Corporation will be formed for the implementation of the Surat Tapi Riverfront Project. Rs. Tapi Riverfront Development Corporation Limited has given in-principle approval to the proposal to start SPV with an authorized capital of Rs 10 crore.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has given a total of Rs. 10 crore in paid up capital of Rs. 5 crore from the state government and Rs. 5 crore to be paid by Surat Municipal Corporation and for this purpose Rs. Guidelines have also been given to provide Rs 5 crore.

It is important to point out here that this Tapi Riverfront project cost Rs. The Government of India has approved a proposal to obtain a loan of 70 percent of the project cost from the World Bank for Phase-I works of 1991 crore.

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