Haryana Mega Projects 2024: State’s remarkable transformation

It’s 57 years since splitting from Punjab. Haryana has created a new chapter in global development, prosperity, and sports after overcoming all obstacles. Haryana has attained unparalleled success in every field because of the vigor, passion, and fighting spirit of its people.

In this article, we will discuss detailed information about upcoming projects in Haryana that are changing the image of the state.

Top Upcoming Haryana Mega Projects in 2024

1. Hisar International Airport

Hisar International Airport

Conch-shaped Maharaja Agrasen Airport is being built in Hisar. Approximately 7,200 acres in Hisar are being developed for Haryana’s first large airport. Under the Regional Connectivity Scheme, the government hopes to open this airport this year and begin air travel on nine routes from Hisar to several states. On these 3000 acres, a manufacturing cluster will also be constructed.

2. Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor

Haryana Orbital Rail Corridor

The Haryana Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation is building this line as a rail bypass around Delhi. The four most significant railway lines—Delhi—will be connected by this line: Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Jaipur, Delhi-Rohtak, and Delhi-Ambala. By 2026, this corridor’s construction is expected to be finished.

In addition, IMT will have a station at Turkpur which will be constructed at Kharkhoda. The anticipated cost of the 121.7 km long track, which is intended to accommodate trains traveling at 160 km/h, is Rs 5618 crore.

3. Karnal Ring Road

Karnal Ring Road

Starting from Kutel, the ring road will be constructed all the way to Shamgarh. There will be less traffic on GT Road as a result of the construction of this six-lane ring road. The Karnal six-lane ring road will be roughly 60 meters wide.

The district was awarded the Rs 1700 crore Ring Road project under the Bharat Mala Project. The district’s twenty-three villages will be traversed by this 34.5-kilometer ring road. Karnal and the villages around the Ring Road will both see growth. The highway will be directly connected to the villages surrounding Karnal.

4. Delhi Panipat RRTS

Delhi Panipat RRTS

The 103-kilometer plan for a rapid rail system connecting Panipat and Delhi has been approved. It is projected that this will cost approximately Rs 37500 crore. This route will have 91.5 kilometers of underground track. The final 11.5 kilometers of the track will be elevated at the same time.

The stations on the Delhi-Panipat rapid rail that will be constructed are Sarai Kale Khan, Indraprastha, Kashmiri Gate, Burari Crossing, Mukarba Chowk, Alipur, Kundli, KMP Interchange, RGEC, Murthal, Barhi, Gannaur, Samalkha, Panipat South, Panipat North, and Panipat Depot.

5. Global City, Gurugram

Global City, Gurugram

Starting in the near future, work will be done on the 1008-acre Global City site, which will be constructed like Singapore and Dubai, close to the Dwarka Motorway on Pataudi Road.

The project’s original estimate of Rs 758 crore for constructing a road, sewerage system, fire fighting system, utility tunnel, and other infrastructure on 550 acres of land has now been raised to Rs 931 crore.

When people arrive at Global City, they will immediately feel as though they are in Singapore or Dubai. Here, along the lines of Dubai, will be constructed a number of famous structures.

6. Amritsar Jamnagar Expressway

Amritsar Jamnagar Expressway

We discussed this project many times in our previous articles, but let’s discuss it in brief about Amritsar Jamnagar Expressway. 

The 1,257 km long and six lanes wide Amritsar Jamnagar Expressway is currently under construction. With the construction of the Expressway, the previously estimated 1,430 km route between Amritsar and Jamnagar will now only be 1,316 km (including the Kapurthala-Amritsar segment), and the travel time will drop from 26 hours to just 13 hours. 

It is a section of the Amritsar-Jamnagar Economic Corridor (EC-3) and Bharatmala. Four states will be crossed by it: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab.

7. Panipat Railway Station Redevelopment

Panipat Railway Station Redevelopment

The Panipat Railway Station Redevelopment project will be redeveloped on the Public-Private Partnership Model (PPP). The project’s goal is to bring the station up to date with international standards and provide commuters with contemporary amenities. 

The current railway colony will be transformed into multi-story buildings as part of the rehabilitation project, and developers will receive the surplus site for future commercial construction.

The Panipat railway station, which serves the industrial city of Panipat, is a significant intersection in the Delhi-NCR area. Every day, 40,000 passengers pass through the station, with 118 trains stopping there.

8. Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad Expressway

Faridabad Noida Ghaziabad Expressway

This Expressway links Ghaziabad and Faridabad. It is forty-three kilometers long overall. In 1989, a budget of Rs 1000 crore was also set out for this. But a lot of challenges arose, and just 70% of this motorway has been finished. People in Ghaziabad, Faridabad, and Noida will experience significant relief once this road is completed.

Actually, in order to get to Noida or Ghaziabad, the People of Faridabad currently have to travel through Delhi. They would be able to leave Delhi and travel to another city once this Expressway is built. This will also significantly reduce car pollution in Delhi.

9. Saraswati River Revival Project

Saraswati River Revival Project

Once more, the Saraswati River’s stream will be seen on the land. To address this, the governments of Himachal and Haryana have signed a memorandum of understanding to construct a dam on the Adi Badri River.

In accordance with the MoU, a reservoir will be constructed in addition to the dam to retain rainfall. in order for the river’s water flow to continue all year long.

For this project, the government of Haryana will spend Rs 215.33 crore. Rainfall from the Som River, which originates in Himachal Pradesh and empties into the Yamuna River at Yamunanagar, would supply this dam with 224 acre meters of water. Of the total 224 hectares of water, 62 hectares will be used year-round by Himachal Pradesh, and the remaining 162 hectares will be used for the Saraswati River in Haryana.

10. Shamli Ambala Expressway

Shamli Ambala Expressway

The Ambala-Shamli Expressway is 120 kilometres long. 75 kilometers will be constructed in Haryana and 45 kilometers in Uttar Pradesh. Its construction will cost a total of Rs 3660 crore. This six-lane Expressway, which is being constructed as part of the Bharatmala project, has a right of way that is roughly 60 meters long and a completely green field corridor.

The Ambala-Shamli Junction Expressway will assist Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Trade will increase as a result of West UP’s connections to Punjab and Haryana. 

As of right now, neither an online route nor a direct route exists from Ambala to Shamli. After the Expressway was built, the time difference was reduced from two to one hour to just one hour.

11. Jind Hansi New Rail Line

Jind Hansi New Rail Line

The railway line between Jind and Hansi will be roughly 50 km long.

Passengers will benefit from direct and quick connectivity between Jind and Hisar as well as a 50-kilometer reduction in travel time with the building of this line. Furthermore, this will facilitate the quicker transportation of fertilizer and agricultural products throughout this rural area. 

This route will include eight railway stations: Ital Kalan, Rajpura, Narnaund, Madha, Gagan Khedi, and Shekhpura are the six new stations, and the two existing stations at Jind and Hansi are the two existing stations.

12. Narnaul Multimodal Logistic Park

Narnaul Multimodal Logistic Park

An extremely significant project is the Integrated Multi Modal Logistics Hub (IMLH), which will be constructed in Nangal Chaudhary. Following its construction, thousands of people will find work here in addition to industrial development. This will develop into a major industrial hub.

The Manesar Bawal Investment Region (MBIR) has been recognized as one of the eight IRs in the DMIC. To support the creation of the DMIC, a proposal has been made to establish an Integrated Multimodal Logistics Hub (IMLH) spanning 886.78 acres within the MBIR. a robust economic foundation combined with cutting-edge infrastructure and an internationally competitive environment.

13. Heli Hub Gurugram

Heli Hub Gurugram

The first heli hub in the nation is being planned for Gurugram, which is close to Delhi. Not only will helicopters be able to travel throughout the nation from this location, but the biggest helicopter parking lot in the nation will also be constructed here.

There will also be fuel filling and repair facilities. The Union Ministry of Civil Aviation has already given its approval for the construction of this heli hub. Additionally, 25 acres of land on the Dwarka Expressway have been set aside for this by the Haryana government.

Helicopters will be able to travel as far as Delhi-NCR and other states from this proposed heli hub in Gurugram, depending on their capacity. Thirty to thirty-five helicopters can stand simultaneously at this heli hub that is going to be constructed in Gurugram. The Chief Minister recently met with representatives of the district administration to get comprehensive information in this respect.

14. Panipat Refinery Expansion

Panipat Refinery Expansion

The Indian Oil Board has approved the Panipat Refinery expansion project. The expansion of the Panipat Refinery is expected to cost approximately Rs 33 thousand crore. The Panipat Refinery will be able to refine oil up to 25 million tonnes annually, from its current capacity of 15 million tonnes. 

The Panipat Refinery expansion project will get underway. The deadline for finishing this project is September 2024.

15. Maruti Suzuki Mega Car Plant

Maruti Suzuki Mega Car Plant

In Kharkhoda, Haryana, the Japanese automaker Maruti Suzuki, which has caused a stir in the global auto industry, has established its third car manufacturing facility. The yearly production capacity of this Kharkhoda facility will be 10 lakh automobiles. The 800-acre Maruti Suzuki plant in Kharkhoda, Haryana, is going to be the biggest vehicle manufacturing facility in the world.

This plant that will be constructed in Kharkhoda will produce over 10 lakh automobiles. This will generate almost 11,000 job opportunities.

16. Manethi AIIMS

Manethi AIIMS

The village of Manethi in the Rewari district of Haryana will have the establishment of the nation’s 22nd All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). For this AIIMS, an area of more than 200 acres has been designated.

The AIIMS will have 750 beds available. Approximately 1500 individuals, comprising ICU specialists and super specialists from Medical College and Nursing College, would have daily access to the outpatient department. On campus, there will also be a private ward, trauma bed, and AYUSH bed facilities.

Approximately 3,000 people will have direct employment opportunities following the development of AIIMS, while over 10,000 people will have indirect employment prospects.

So these are some Haryana mega projects that are currently making progress in the state. We hope that you get all the information about the Haryana mega projects 2024 that are happening in the state.


The state’s dedication to overall advancement, infrastructure development, and economic prosperity is determined by these Haryana Mega Projects. These projects will show results in improving living standards, job opportunities, and Human Development. 

When These mega projects are completed, they will change the state’s image and turn it into a hub of innovation and economic development. The initiative taken by these mega projects shows the state’s goals to become a developed state.

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