Delhi Megaprojects 2024: Building the Future of India’s Capital

Delhi, the capital city of India, is home to consistent upgrades and expansion. From industrialization to better infrastructure in the field of transportation, both the state and central government are diligently working to uplift the socio-economic growth of the state. There are a series of Delhi Megaprojects that will transform the trajectory of the city in the coming days.

Top Upcoming Megaprojects in Delhi 2024

Following are all the top upcoming mega projects of Delhi you should be aware of:

1. Central Vista Redevelopment

Central Vista

The Central Vista redevelopment project is an initiative under Atma Nirbhar Bharat that involves the ongoing redevelopment and reconstruction of the Central Vista, which is India’s central administrative area in Raisina Hill in New Delhi. The project kick started in 2020 and has a deadline of 2026 and will involve revamping the different stretches in the area. The total estimated cost of the redevelopment stands at ₹13,450 crore. The contract for only two projects worth ₹1,339 crores has been delegated until now. This includes the new Parliament Building and the redevelopment of Central Vista Avenue. 

2. India International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC)

India International Convention and Expo Centre (IICC)

IICC or the India International Convention and Expo Centre is one of the Delhi Megaprojects happening in Sector 25 Dwarka. The total cost of construction of this project is estimated to stand at $4 billion and the foundation stone and project’s initiation was done by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi in 2018. The estimated area of the project for building the convention is 300,000 m2. The completion of this convention center will be where the future G20 Summit will be hosted. This will also be the largest convention center in the entirety of Asia.

3. Delhi Airport Terminal 1

Delhi Airport Terminal 1

The Delhi Terminal 1 or the IGI Terminal 1 is one of the newest airport terminals in Delhi, which will start its operations in December 2024. This terminal is particularly developed to host international flights in and out of Delhi, along with a few domestic flights too. The entire terminal consists of five levels and then each level has further divisions too. According to reports, Delhi Terminal 1 can host over 40 million passengers each year. The development of this terminal has streamlined airport operations in the state and also generated a lot of job opportunities.

4. New Delhi World Trade Center

New Delhi World Trade Center

Located in the heart of Delhi, the World Trade Center is an ideal pit stop for professionals since it is termed the business district in India. The project is constructed over a lush 25-acre property and offers a lot of space for businesses to operate without any hassle. The entire center consists of twelve towers and each tower has 10 storeys to host some of the most popular businesses and multi-national corporations in one place. The space isn’t just for offices though since it harbors a dedicated retail place for individuals who wish to indulge in some shopping.

5. New Delhi Railway Station Redevelopment

New Delhi Railway Station Redevelopment

The New Delhi railway station, much like their airport, experiences an influx of millions every month. To make communication more efficient, the Union Cabinet has proposed an INR 4700 crore project for the redevelopment of the entire railway station. The entire fund for the project is funded by the government and will not include any kind of private capital. The project has an estimated deadline of three years. Reports suggest that the new stations will be integrated with public transport services for an easy commute for the passengers.

6. Pragati Maidan Redevelopment

Pragati Maidan Redevelopment

Exhibitions and conventions are quite common and frequent, not just in Delhi but across India. The Pragati Maidan is spread across 150 acres and hosts a variety of exhibitions and other big projects and conventions each year. It is also crowned as the biggest exhibition center in India. The area is owned and operated by India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO). The area is currently under redevelopment since 2018 to make things more feasible and streamlined. 

7. Bharat Vandana Park

Bharat Vandana Park

The Bharat Vandana Park is a 200-acre eco-forest zone that is home to lakes, adventure sports facilities, and mini replicas of leading monuments in India. The Vandana project is being built as a tourist attraction in India by Delhi Development Authority (DDA). According to reports, the park is being built like a lotus and has recently received the environmental clearance for the project to commence. 

8. Delhi Meerut RRTS

Delhi-Meerut RRTS

The Delhi Meerut RRTS is an under-construction semi-high-speed rail corridor that stretches across a distance of 82.15 km. This will connect three main cities – Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Meerut. The project is being built in phases and Phase I is being managed by the National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC). The completion of this rail corridor will enable trains to run at a maximum speed of 180 kmph, streamlining transportation. The total estimated cost for the project is ₹30,274 crore and will include 24 stations between Delhi and Meerut.

9. Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

DMIC - Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor

Next up on the list of future mega projects in Delhi, we had to include the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor. This is being developed as additional support to the Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC). The entire corridor will cover a distance of 1504 km and will cross through multiple states, including Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. The project is estimated to be completed by 2024 and will generate 1.2 million jobs with an estimated cost of $90 billion.

10. Delhi Mumbai Expressway

Delhi Mumbai Expressway

The Delhi Mumbai Expressway is an 8-lane wide construction access-controlled expressway spanning across a distance of 1350 km and will be connecting Delhi and Mumbai. The foundation of this project was done in March 2019 by union minister Nitin Gadkari. The overall value of the project, including land acquisition, stands at ₹1,00,000 crores. The construction of this expressway will cut down the time to travel from Delhi to Mumbai and vice versa. Also, reports suggest that the construction of this expressway will reduce the travel time between Delhi and Mumbai from 24 to 12 hours only.

11. Dwarka Expressway

The Dwarka Expressway or the National Peripheral Road (NH 248-BB) is an under-construction expressway spanning a total distance of 27.6 km. This is an 8-lane expressway that will connect Dwarka in Delhi with Kherki Daula Toll Plaza, Gurgaon. The project was initially proposed in 2006 with an estimated budget of INR 7500 crore. The same was finalized and approved by the government in 2011. Of the original 18 km stretch in the project, around 14 km has been constructed already. 

12. Bijwasan Railway Station

Bijwasan Railway Station

The Bijwasan Railway Station is a railway station located in Bijwasan, which is in South Delhi. The station is operated and maintained by Delhi Suburban Railway and currently consists of two platforms only. The railway station isn’t well-sheltered and more development and work are underway in this project to improve the appearance and functionality of the platforms and the railway station in general. The construction of it will streamline railway operations in and out of South Delhi.

13. Delhi Urban Extension Road 2

Delhi Urban Extension Road 2

The Urban Extension Road II is an upcoming mega project happening in Delhi. It will cover a total distance of 75.7 km and will consist of 6-lane expressways and 4-lane spurs. The project will cover a semi-circle design in the western part of Delhi, connecting Rohini, Mundka, Najafgarh, and Dwarka while passing through Alipur. The project was conceived by DDA in 2021 and the project is being worked on in two phases – Phase 1 and Phase 2. There are several ongoing complications surrounding the project, which the authorities are meandering through.

14. Sarojini Redevelopment

Sarojini Redevelopment

Sarojini Nagar, which is known as a hub for shopping, is also getting a complete redevelopment to better improve its functionality and make navigation easier for customers. Besides Sarojini, the Delhi government is also focused on redeveloping four other major markets in the city, including Kamla Nagar, Khari Baoli, Lajpat Nagar, and Kirti Nagar. Under the Rozgar Budget 2022–2023 by the Delhi State government, the redevelopment of these markets is in sight to improve employment opportunities.

So here is the some most recommended upcoming Delhi Megaprojects that you have to aware of it. We hope that you got all the information about the Delhi Megaprojects 2024 that are happening in this transformative capital city.


That concludes the list of all the top Delhi Megaprojects that are either proposed, currently under construction, or have been completed already. Each of these projects has or will uplift the development and growth of the state and the country in general. From streamlining transportation to creating sustainable centers, Delhi is progressing at a very fast pace.

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