Madhya Pradesh Mega Projects 2024: Shape the Future of State

Madhya Pradesh, often referred to as the “Heart of India” due to its central geographical location is known for a lot more than its tourist attractions. The state has been undergoing a series of transformative changes through a variety of structural developments, road developments, economic boosts, etc.

These megaprojects that are either under construction or proposed reflect the state’s commitment to fostering growth, development, and sustainability. If you are curious to know more about the different megaprojects happening in the state, this article will reflect it all.

We will discuss everything there is to know about the ongoing and upcoming Madhya Pradesh Megaprojects that are set to redefine the future of the state.

Top Upcoming Mega Projects in Madhya Pradesh  2024

1. Narmada Expressway

Narmada Expressway

The Narmada Expressway happens to be one of the biggest expressways in the state and is set to be an 8-lane expressway that will make transportation a lot more seamless in the state. Not only is it set to be the longest expressway in the state but one of the largest in the country as well.

The completion of this expressway will connect some of the notable towns in Madhya Pradesh, including Amarkantak in the eastern end of Madhya Pradesh via Dindori, Shahpura, Jabalpur, Narmadapuram, Barwaha, and Alirajpur in the western end of Madhya Pradesh alongside the Narmada River.

Additionally, the estimated length of the expressway is expected to be around 1300 km and will connect two other states, including Gujarat and Chattisgarh. It is a Greenfield project and the total estimated cost of construction is Rs. 31,000 crore.

Also, the expressway will be built in two phases and reports suggest that the first phase of construction will be completed by 2025.

2. Hyderabad Indore Expressway

Hyderabad Indore Expressway

As the name suggests, the Hyderabad Indore Expressway will connect the two cities and is an approved and upcoming expressway project that is estimated to be completed by 2025 and reduce travel time by a significant amount of time.

The expressway will be around 713 km in length and will run through a few states, including Telangana, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh. It will make traveling a lot more seamless and also boost the economic progress in the towns and cities it will be built.

According to the available information, the foundational stone for the project was laid in December 2020 and the Hyderabad – Indore Economic Corridor, which is roughly around 96 km long was inaugurated in 2022.

3. Chambal Expressway

Chambal Expressway

Madhya Pradesh seems to be getting a variety of expressways built through the state, which will connect this centrally located state to different parts of India. The Chambal Expressway is alternatively named Atal Progress-Way.

The expressway is an approved 4-lane expressway, which will span across a distance of 404 km and will be alluded as an access-controlled expressway that’s set to connect three different states – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

Reports suggest that the total estimated cost for the project is Rs. 23,700 crore and the deadline for the completion of the project is 2027.

The Chambal Expressway is also expected to play a key role in the development of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). The DMIC is a planned industrial development corridor connecting Delhi and Mumbai. The Chambal Expressway will provide a critical link between the DMIC and the Gwalior-Chambal region, which has the potential to become a major manufacturing hub.

4. Bhopal Metro

Bhopal Metro

Alternatively known as the Bhoj Metro, the Bhopal Metro is an under-construction rapid transit system that will help people living in the state of Bhopal a lot more convenient and faster. Divided into 6 corridors, the metro will cover a total distance of around 105 km.

The first phase of the Bhopal Metro project is expected to be completed in 2024. It will consist of 28 km of lines 2 and 5. The project is being financed through a combination of state and central government funding, as well as loans from the Asian Development Bank and the European Investment Bank.

The estimated cost for the entire project is around Rs. 80 billion and estimates suggest that the construction should be over by 2024. Not only will it streamline the transportation system, it will also generate employment and reduce traffic congestion in the city.

5. Indore Metro

Indore Metro

Another metro transit system that the state of Madhya Pradesh is getting is the Indore Metro, which is currently under construction. The project will contain 11 corridors and cover a total distance of 124 km.

An official breakdown of the budget suggests that the project will cost roughly Rs. 12,000 crore. There have been a lot of issues with the project’s progression, especially because the proposed project has been decided to be constructed in areas shifting from Seismic zone-II to Seismic zone-IV category.

That said, the first phase of the project is under construction and is estimated to be completed by 2024. It will be 33.53 km in length and will involve the completion of the Yellow line that will cover some of the major points in the city.

6. Gwalior International Cricket Stadium

Gwalior International Cricket Stadium

The Gwalior International Cricket Stadium is an under-construction international cricket stadium that is set to be constructed in Shankarpur village in Gwalior West. The stadium is set to be constructed in an area of 30 acres.

The entire project is being looked over by the Gwalior Division Cricket Association and famous fast bowler Raja Naney. Not only will the capacity and seating arrangement be increased to 50,000 seats, but it is expected to come with all the modern amenities, including a flood light for matches, a swimming pool, and even a sauna bath.

Once the renovation project is completed, the Gwalior International Cricket Stadium will be one of the largest cricket stadiums in India. It will be able to host major cricket events, such as the Indian Premier League and international matches. The stadium will also be a popular venue for concerts and other cultural events.

7. Jabalpur Airport New Terminal

Jabalpur Airport New Terminal

If you travel to Madhya Pradesh frequently, chances are that you are aware of the Jabalpur Airport and how busy things get there.

The new terminal building at Jabalpur Airport is currently under construction and is expected to be completed by March 2024. The new terminal will have the capacity to handle 500 passengers during peak hours and will be equipped with modern world-class facilities.

The construction of the new terminal building will be spread over an area of 115,180 sq. ft. and will have three aerobridges, an advanced baggage screening system, and car parking for more than 250 cars and buses.

Also, the expansion of this new terminal building will have a significant impact on the city’s connectivity and tourism, making it easier for people to travel.

8. Jabalpur Metro

Jabalpur Metro

With several metro projects happening around the state, another addition to the list is the Jabalpur Metro. The Jabalpur Metro is a proposed rapid transit system for the city of Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, India. The project was announced in 2014, but it has been delayed due to several factors, including financial constraints and concerns about the feasibility of the project.

The proposed Jabalpur Metro system will consist of two lines, with a total length of approximately 30 kilometers. The first line will connect the city center with the Jabalpur Airport, while the second line will connect the city center with the Jabalpur Railway Station.

The estimated budget is roughly around Rs. 10,000 crore and the budget is being handled by both the state and the central government.

9. Gwalior Metro

Gwalior Metro

Termed the “Greater Gwalior Metro”, this is another proposed rapid rail transit system in Madhya Pradesh that’s going to change the face of transportation in the state and reduce complaints of traffic congestion in the state.

The project was initially proposed in October 2014 but has undergone a lot of delays due to a variety of factors, including budget constraints. The proposed Gwalior Metro system will consist of two lines, with a total length of approximately 58.1 kilometers. The first line will connect the city center with the Gwalior Airport, while the second line will connect the city center with the Gwalior Railway Station.

We couldn’t find many insights about the project’s budget or even the estimated deadline but rumors suggest that the construction is going to start in 2023 and end by 2026.

10. Kandla Gorakhpur LPG Pipeline Project

Kandla Gorakhpur LPG Pipeline

The Kandla-Gorakhpur LPG Pipeline Project is a 2,757-kilometer-long gas pipeline that runs from Kandla in Gujarat to Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. It is the longest LPG pipeline in India and will be able to transport about 25% of the country’s total LPG demand.

Some of the benefits that will come from the completion of this project include increased supply of domestic gas, reduced LPG prices, reduced air pollution, and increased economic development. The total estimated budget for the project is between Rs. 9000 to Rs. 10,000 crore.

The Kandla-Gorakhpur LPG Pipeline Project is a major infrastructure project that is eagerly awaited by the people of India. It is a project that is expected to have a positive impact on the country’s economy, environment, and society. The construction is being undertaken by IHB Limited with three PSUs, including the Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), the Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL), and the Bharat Petroleum (BPCL).

11. Vikram Udyogpuri

Vikram Udyogpuri

The Vikram Udyogpuri, otherwise known as the Vikram Udyog Nagari, is an upcoming business district that is being constructed in Ujjain, India. The land has been provided by the state government and the entire project will be constructed on a total area of 1200 acres, which is mind-blowing.

Following the completion of the business district, it will house different types of industries, including manufacturing, IT, and logistics. The area is well-connected to major transportation networks, including the National Highway 7 and the Mumbai-Delhi Expressway.

Not only the infrastructural development in the area, the completion of this business district will also significantly create jobs for the people in and out of the area and boost the local economy quite well. It is also expected to attract foreign investment and help to make India a more competitive manufacturing destination.

12. World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant, Khandwa

Floating Solar Power Plant, Khandwa

Last but not least is the World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant, Khandwa, which has raised a lot of expectations in the citizens of the state and people pan India. With the kind of climate crisis that the world is in, we need more renewable energy sources in the country and this is a step towards that.

The World’s Largest Floating Solar Power Plant is being constructed in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India. It is expected to be completed in 2024 and will have a capacity of 600 megawatts (MW).

The plant will be built on the Omkareshwar Dam reservoir and will cover an area of 10 square kilometers. The floating solar power plant will use solar panels that are mounted on floats and anchored to the bottom of the reservoir. The estimated budget for the entire project is set to be around Rs. 3000 crore, which is again going to multiply quite significantly in the future.

The plant is being developed by the Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company (MPPMCL) and is being financed by a loan from the World Bank. The project is expected to be completed in 2024 and will be a major milestone in India’s efforts to transition to a clean energy future.

So here is the some worth highlighting Madhya Pradesh Megaprojects 2024 that you have to aware of it. We hope that you got all the information about the Madhya Pradesh Megaprojects that are happening in this rapidly transforming state.


With that, we come to an end of the proposed, ongoing, and future megaprojects happening in Madhya Pradesh. If you were curious to know more about these projects and how they would impact the state’s and the country’s economy, we hope this gives you all the relevant information that you were on the lookout for. Remember that megaprojects are being consistently proposed and constructed pan India. This means that there might be more projects that are proposed in the state. In such instances, be assured that we will keep you posted about them in the future. Kindly keep an eye out on this space for more updates.

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