Jharkhand Mega Projects 2024: From Vision to Reality

Jharkhand’s 23-year statehood is now complete. The state’s wealth of mineral resources presents enormous growth possibilities. In this article, we will explore the state’s development possibilities with some development projects that are planned in the state.

In the next two to three years, the way roads are being built in Jharkhand will drastically alter the appearance of towns and cities. In the following two years, the state plans to invest over Rs 2 lakh crore in road projects. This covers the Bharatmala and Economy Corridors road projects. Road project completion will result in lower logistics costs. There will be new job possibilities established.

In this article, we will discuss detailed information about upcoming projects in Jharkhand that are changing the image of the state.

Top Upcoming Mega Projects in Jharkhand 2024

1. Ranchi Railway Station Redevelopment

Ranchi Railway Station Redevelopment

Construction of Ranchi Railway Station beside the airport’s lines is now underway. The goal is to finish the project by June 2025. The total project has been allocated a budget of Rs 447 crore, of which Rs 330 crore will only be used for the development work of the railway station. The remaining funds will be used for the station’s furnishings and interior. Solar energy will provide thirty percent of the station’s electricity needs.

With a capacity of roughly 12,000 people, this station is currently under development. The next 50 years have been considered during the preparation of the complete strategy. There will be airport-style amenities at the new train station. The existing structure will be torn down.

The new station will include two stories, a plaza area, a drop-off and pickup centre, commercial space, 100 rooms for retirees on each side, and seating for 2,500 people. Three thousand square feet of commercial space will be available. At the station, there will also be 19 escalators and 17 lifts.

2. Sahibganj Manihari Cable Stayed Bridge

Sahibganj Manihari Cable Stayed Bridge

The third-largest bridge in the nation will be constructed in Sahibganj. which by the end of 2024 will be prepared. The Sahibganj-Manihari bridge will link several states in northeastern India, notably Bihar, with neighbouring countries Nepal and Jharkhand.

The cost of building the Ganga bridge is estimated to be over Rs 1900 crore. The construction of the bridge’s approach road is expected to cost around Rs 500 crore, as per the DPR. Eventually Manihari Gangapul and Sahibganj will likewise have four lanes. The bridge with road will be around 22 kilometres long overall.

This bridge also has a unique feature: extradose technology is being used in its construction. This technology will allow cables to balance the bridge’s load, and when it is implemented, it will be the nation’s largest bridge with this technology.

3. Ranchi Outer Ring Road

Ranchi Outer Ring Road

The Outer Ring Road will be roughly 194 kilometers long. Starting at NH 33 Ranchi-Ramgarh Road, it will travel along National Highway 75 to a location close to Mandar. The second phase will continue on NH 23 (the Ranchi-Gumla road) until Itki. It then passes by Kalamati on the NH 75 Extension, also known as the Ranchi-Chaibasa Road. After that, it will travel from Angada to NH 33 (Ranchi-Ramgarh Road) via NH 33 (Ranchi-Tata Road).

The distance between the old and the current ring road will be between 10 and 12 km. various locations have various distances. Although it is projected to cost approximately Rs 6000 crore, the Indian government has announced that it will provide Rs 5000 crore for this. The estimated cost of constructing the ring road is Rs 30 crore per kilometer. If more budget is required, it will be provided by the Indian government. The Indian government is going to build it.

4. Dhalbhumgarh Airport

Dhalbhumgarh Airport

A domestic airport in Dhalbhumgarh will be constructed to service Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. About 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Jamshedpur, at Dhalbhumgarh in the East Singhbhum district, it would be constructed on an airstrip from World War II.

The state will provide the necessary land for the project, while AAI would invest ₹100 crore to build the airport. It will be developed in two phases. A 1,745-metre runway, 240 acres of land, a fire station, a terminal building, and an air traffic control (ATC) tower are part of the first phase’s projects. The runway is designed to accommodate ATR-72 aircraft.

During peak hours, the 15,000-square-foot terminal building can accommodate 150 passengers and have six check-in counters. The runway will be expanded by 2,179 meters as part of the first phase to accommodate aircraft of the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 models.

In second phase, 545 acres more land will be acquired in order to extend the runway to accommodate larger planes and improve terminal capacity. With the runway extended to 4,400 meters, it will be able to accommodate aircraft of the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 types.

5. Ormanjhi-Gola Expressway

Ormanjhi-Gola Expressway

Between Ormanjhi and Gola, an expressway is being constructed as part of the “Bharatmala Project.” This newly constructed road will be an entirely “green corridor.” It will cost about Rs 1214 crore in total. This involves the acquisition of land for Rs 732 crore. NHAI officially began operations in June 2024.

The alignment has been finalised, Soil is being cut to create a path. Beginning in Ormanjhi, this four-lane road will travel through sixteen villages before arriving in Gola. These villages’ land acquisition work is finished. In Gudu village, just land acquisition work remains. The remaining villages’ routes are still being paved. After the rain, the work is anticipated to pick up speed.

6. Ranchi Sambalpur Expressway

Ranchi Sambalpur Expressway

Under the ambitious Bharat Mala project for Nation Highways, The four lane Ranchi Sambalpur expressway is being Constructed. This expressway will pass through the border of Gumla district. 

The Sambalpur-Ranchi Expressway alignment plan is now complete. Additionally, the Central Government has approved of it. The plan will now be approved subsequent to DPR. After that, in June 2024, work will begin. This indicates that Jharkhand will begin construction on a large expressway in the upcoming year.

There will be a 146 km long road constructed entirely of greenfield. Vehicles on this will typically travel at 120 km/h. It will make getting from Odisha to Jharkhand easier. It won’t take long to finish the voyage. This will be an entirely new road, apart from the ones that are already in place.

This road will be built from 70 to 101 kilometres of National Highway No. 143 D under Gumla district. With the construction of this proposed road, it will take only a few hours for the people of Basia sub-division area of ​​Gumla district to go to Sambalpur in Odisha and Ranchi in Jharkhand.

7. AIIMS Ranchi

AIIMS Ranchi

The capital city of Jharkhand, Ranchi, is set to host the AIIMS. The Health Secretary has been requested to mark the land in this regard. The State Industries Director informed the Health Secretary in a letter that the Prime Minister’s Office is thinking of establishing AIIMS in Ranchi.Land should be demarcated for this purpose in such a scenario, and information should be provided. 

According to the State Industries Director, the next step will begin once the land has been designated. Let us inform you that a letter requesting the creation of AIIMS in Ranchi was addressed by the Prime Minister’s Office to the Jharkhand Industries Department.

8. Masaliya – Raneshwar Mega Lift Irrigation Project, Dumka

Masaliya – Raneshwar Mega Lift Irrigation Project, Dumka

This project will be beneficial to the Masaliya Division. When the project is completed, irrigation will be provided across 22283 hectares of agricultural land across 72 Villages in the Masaliya Division during Kharif. The Masalia-Raneshwar Mega Lift Project’s detailed blueprint has been completed.

Nearly the whole land area of Masliya Division can have irrigation due to the Dumka district’s Masliya-Ranishwar Mega Lift Irrigation Project. Farmers will have access to underground pipelines for irrigation. The state cabinet meeting approved this Rs. 1204.37 crore program. The goal of this project is to be finished within the next three years.

9. Kutchery-Piska Elevated road project Ranchi

Kutchery-Piska Elevated road project Ranchi

Ranchi commuters who had trouble getting to work at the Kachari-Piska turn would now be relieved. The elevated road along Ratu Road is beginning to take shape. Pandara Road is now being worked on for deck slabs. As of right now, the molding between six pillars has been completed. Between the remaining six pillars, work needs to be done. This will allow the construction to be finished up to the Piska turn on Pandara Road.

Deck slab construction will begin at Kishori Singh Yadav Chowk on Ratu Road once this work is finished. In the interim, girders and pillar caps will be installed from Piska Mod to the cemetery’s front. In Itki Road, 14 pillars will be worked on concurrently. By the end of this year, the elevated road is supposed to be finished.

10. Siramtoli Flyover

Siramtoli Flyover

A flyover is being constructed in Sirmatoli to Mecon Chowk via Rajendra Chowk. All eight of the foundations that are being constructed for the Sirmatoli flyover have finished their work. In addition, V-Safe’s work from Machli Park to Mecon Chowk has begun. It is intended that the construction of this flyover, which would cost roughly Rs 340 crore, be finished by April 2024.

Traffic from areas like Doranda, Hinu, etc. will be able to pass directly from Kantatoli without getting caught in traffic thanks to the completion of the Sirmatoli-Mecon Chowk flyover. From the flyover, people from the Doranda Airport, Hinu, and Dhurva districts will also be able to travel straight to Sirmtoli and subsequently Kantatoli.

11. Jamshedpur Mango flyover

Jamshedpur Mango flyover

Soon, Jamshedpur won’t have any jams. Indeed, Tata Steel has granted its approval to build the flyover between Sakchi and Mango. Under such circumstances, this flyover’s construction will shortly get underway. This eagerly anticipated scheme was anticipated by NOC. This flyover will probably cost Rs 475 crore to build. and It is 4.02 kilometers long.

12. Rabindra Bhawan, Ranchi

Rabindra Bhawan, Ranchi

The gift of Rabindra Bhawan will be given to the city’s inhabitants in the New Year. At a cost of Rs 155 crore, JUDCO built this building on Kachari Road. The most likely date of its inauguration is April 2024. The construction of this building was done with consideration for art and culture. This includes the construction of a gymnasium, a library, a banquet hall with a capacity of 1500 people, and an auditorium with 1200 seats. There is additionally 600 parking spaces available in the building.

So these are some Jharkhand mega projects that are currently making progress in the state. We hope that you get all the information about the Jharkhand mega projects 2024 that are happening in the state.


We can imagine the bright future of the state after knowing this megaprojects. Now this state will not known only for coal, in near future the state will change its image from this projects. State will be more connected to rest of the nation by road and air connectivity. State is ready to move fast in compare to other states. After this projects will take shape, it will help states people to generate the job and improve the income of the people.

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