Ahmedabad Megaprojects 2024: Revolutionizing Urban Development and Connectivity

Known as the commercial capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is becoming a frontrunner when it comes to contributing to the growth of the state and the country’s economy in general. Gujarat is already progressing with the ongoing smart city projects and a few other Ahmedabad Megaprojects are further augmenting the growth even further.

Top Upcoming Megaprojects in Ahmedabad 2024

Following are the top future Ahmedabad Megaprojects:

1. Ahmedabad Metro

Ahmedabad Metro

First Future Megaprojects in Ahmedabad is metro around the city. Ahmedabad Metro is currently an ongoing rapid transit system that will connect Ahmedabad with Gandhinagar. At present, the project is partially functional between Vastral and Apparel Park. However, reports suggest that the foundation stone for the initiation of Phase II work has already started. This will connect Motera to Gandhinagar, completing the route. The estimated cost for the project is INR 5523 crore and will span across 28.5 km and cover 20 stations in between.

2. Sabarmati MultiModal Transport Hub

Sabarmati MultiModal Transport Hub

Coming to second Future Megaprojects in Ahmedabad, The Sabarmati HSR station is located between stations of Sabarmati (SBI and SBT) and is also in close vicinity of two Metro stations and a BRTS stop. Owing to the said convenience, NHSRCL is working on transforming it into a Multimodal transport hub to connect HSR with the other parts of the Indian Railways. The project is expected to ensure a streamlined network and connectivity around the HSR station. Also, the hub is being constructed as a twin structure with G+7 and G+9 stories.

3. Sabarmati Riverfront Phase 2

Sabarmati Riverfront Phase 2

The second phase of the Sabarmati RiverFront project will focus and emphasize more on greener development with the construction of green multi-layered Promenades, parks, road network, food plaza, play areas for children, amphitheaters, etc. This new phase will involve the expansion of another 5.2 km over the existing 11.5 km. The completion of the Sabarmati RiverFront project will connect the Ambedkar Bridge to Indira Bridge. Further reports around the estimated cost and potential completion date haven’t been discussed yet.

4. Sardar Patel Sports Enclave

Sardar Patel Sports Enclave

Another popular and talked about mega project that’s currently under construction in Ahmedabad is the Sardar Patel Sport Enclave. Following the completion of this enclave, it will be one of the largest sports enclaves in India. The project is a collaboration between the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority and the Government of Gujarat. The government is focused on building this sports complex to be able to host the upcoming Summer Olympic Games and other big tournaments. The sports complex is being constructed in Motera. The estimated cost of the entire project is ₹4,600 crores.

5. Ahmedabad Railway Station Redevelopment

Ahmedabad Railway Station Redevelopment

The Union Cabinet recently proposed a dire need for the redevelopment of the Ahmedabad Railway Station, which was approved by the Indian Railways. Reports suggest that the design of the redevelopment is heavily inspired by the Modhera Sun Temple in Gujarat. It is believed that the new railway station will feature the iconic arch of the Sun Temple and will be supported by two towers on either side. The redevelopment will also involve the construction of a 13 km lane in the nearby area to reduce traffic load and ensure smoother plying of the cars in and out of the station.

6. Sabarmati Ashram Redevelopment

Sabarmati Ashram Redevelopment

Although there have been a series of limitations and hindrances in the project, the Sabarmati Ashram Redevelopment is currently underway and will cost a hefty INR 1200 crore for the entire redevelopment project. Current reports suggest that around 18% of the project is completed and the progress of this redevelopment is quite quick. The main objective behind this project’s proposal was to expand the existing 5 acres of the Sabarmati Ashram into a 55 acres project to commemorate all the important contributions made by Gandhiji.

7. Naranpura Sports Complex

Naranpura Sports Complex

Coveted as the INR 632 crore project, Amit Shah has already laid the foundation stone to kickstart the project’s initiation. According to the initial reports, the entire project has an estimated deadline of 30 months, following which the PM of India, Shri Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate the sports complex. The completion of this sports complex will enable the nearby schools to have an open ground to take the students to play and have enough space to practice physical education.

8. Mumbai Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail

Mumbai Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail

The Mumbai Ahmedabad High Speed Rail is an under-construction high-speed rail transit project that will connect two of the most popular economic hubs in the country – Mumbai and Ahmedabad. It will enable easy plying of the bullet trains. The project was initially set to be concluded by August 2022. However, current estimates suggest that the rail corridor will likely be completed in phases in 2026 and then the final stretch in 2027. However, these are estimates at this point.

9. Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway

Ahmedabad Tharad Expressway

Spanning a distance of 213.803 km, the Ahmedabad Tharad Expressway is a project undertaken by the NHAI. It involves the construction of a 6/8 lane access-controlled highway that’s going to go through Gujarat. This particular Greenfield project will be constructed under the Bharatmala Project (BMP) and is reportedly going to cost an estimated INR 6000 crore. The deadline for the projects hasn’t been finalized yet.

10. Ahmedabad Rajkot Semi High-Speed Rail

Ahmedabad Rajkot Semi High-Speed Railway

Last but not least is the Ahmedabad Rajkot Semi High Speed Railway, which is an under-construction project spanning 227.60 km and will connect Ahmedabad with Rajkot. The cost of the entire project is estimated at Rs. 28,291.44 crores. The trains plying on this high-speed railway corridor, following the project completion will be at a maximum speed of 160 kmph. This will reduce the travel time from 4.5 to 2 hours between Ahmedabad Rajkot. It will also reduce the travel time between Rajkot and Mumbai. There are no reports about the estimated deadline and operation of this high-speed railway corridor yet. This is on of the best Future Megaprojects in Ahmedabad for the development of state.

So here is the some most recommended Ahmedabad Megaprojects that you have to aware of it. We hope that you got all the information about the Ahmedabad Megaprojects 2024 that are happening in this fastest transformative city.


Ahmedabad is shaping up to become a leading hub of excellence, especially with all these amazing projects underway. If you were confused about the ongoing and upcoming mega projects happening in the city of Ahmedabad, we hope this article gives you all the insights you needed to know.

We hope that you got the total information about the Top upcoming Megaprojects in Ahmedabad.

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