Ahmedabad Metro Route Map, Station List, Progress and Latest Updates

The Indian metro network has now surpassed Japan’s metro network with the opening of the Ahmedabad Metro. The total area of metro rail in India is 810 km. Apart from the operational network, more than 982 km of metro rail network is being built in India. Upon completion of construction, India will leave behind America and South Korea.

Ahmedabad Metro is a system that aims to ensure easy and fast transit. Ahmedabad Metro Rail currently extends only to Ahmedabad city and listed stations, but as per the two-phase plan, it will connect urban Gandhinagar and modern GIFT city in a few years. Ahmedabad  Metro is the eighth best metro in India. According to the Ahmedabad Metro Route Plan, two lines with 32 stations should be built in the first phase and two lines with 22 stations in the second phase.

Ahmedabad Metro Overview

  • Length: 40.03 km (Phase-1) 28.26 km (Phase-2)
  • Stations: 32 (Phase-1), 22 (Phase-2), 29 (Operational)
  • Lines: 2 (Phase-1), 2 (Phase-2)
  • Track gauge: 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+1⁄2 in) standard gauge
  • Speed: 80 km/h (Average speed: 33.0 km/h)
  • Type: Elevated & Underground
  • Cost: ₹12,900 crore (Line 1), ₹5,384.17 crore ( Line 2)

On October 2, the 21 km corridor of the Ahmedabad Metro project with 17 stations between Thaltej and Vastral opened to the public. According to Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation (GMRC), the project also includes four stations and 6.6 km of underground section. On 4 March 2019, the PM inaugurated the first phase, which is 6.5 km from Vastral to Apparel Park. The Metro Rail project was approved in 2014.

The second phase of the project will connect Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar (the state capital). Phase 1 will expand. It is expected to have two corridors: Motera Stadium to Mahatma Mandir (22.8 km with 20 stations) and Gujarat National Law University to GIFT City (5.4 km with two stations). In the second phase of the project, the entire route will be elevated.

Phase 1 will be 40.03 km long, while Phase 2 will be 28.26 km long. A portion of Phase-1, consisting of six stations, has already been constructed and is now operational. Additional portion of Phase-1 and complete portion of Phase-2 are still under construction. The east-west corridor of the Ahmedabad Metro Railway is called the Blue Line, the north-south corridor is called the Red Line, and the GNLU-GIFT City branch is called the Purple Line.

GMRC (Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation) manages the Ahmedabad Metro Rail project. The government created GMRC to build metro rail in Gujarat.

Ahmedabad Metro Route

Phase 1

In 2014, the Center sanctioned approximately Rs 10,773 crore for the construction of Phase 1 of the Ahmedabad Metro Railway, which will begin in March 2015.

Phase-1, Ahmedabad Metro Railway, is approximately 40.03 km, of which 33.53 km is elevated and the remaining 6.5 km is underground. The first phase of Ahmedabad Metro will have 32 stations and two corridors.

  • North-South Corridor

The North-South corridor of Phase-1 Ahmedabad Metro is 18.87 kilometers. This metro route will be completely elevated and will have 15 stations.

The Ahmedabad Metro line, called the Red Line, will connect Motera Stadium to APMC, Vasna. Ahmedabad Metro will pass through several stations, including Sabarmati, AEC, Sabarmati Railway station, Ranip, Vadaj, Vijaynagar, Usmanpura, Old High court, Gandhigram, Paldi, Shreyas, Rajivnagar and Jivraj.

  • East-West Corridor

The East-West Corridor of Phase-1 is 21.16 kilometers long. There will be 17 stations in this corridor, which will be underground and elevated.

Ahmedabad Metro Blue Line will provide connectivity from Vastral Gam to Thaltej Gam. Out of these, 13 stations will be elevated and four stations will be underground for 6.5 kilometers.

Ahmedabad Metro has several stations on this route: Nirant Cross Road, Vastral, Rabari Colony, Amraiwadi, Apparel Park, Kankaria East, Kalupur Railway Station, Ghee Kanta, Shahpur, Old High Court, Stadium, Commerce Six Road, Gujarat University, Gurukul Road, Doordarshan Kendra and Thaltej. Old High Court station will be a combined station for the East-West Corridor and North-South Corridor of the Ahmedabad Metro.

Phase 2

In 2019, the government approved the second phase of Ahmedabad Metro. Phase 2 will be 28.25 km, comprising of the North-South corridor of 22.8 km and the GNLU-GIFT City corridor of 5.416 km. The second phase of the Ahmedabad Metro will have only elevated corridors, which will start from the Narendra Modi Cricket Stadium in Motera. It will extend to Gandhinagar in Sector-1 and Mahatma Mandir.

According to the report of Hindi Business Line, the second phase of trials will start from April 2024. The metro will connect GIFT City to Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad, which are dependent on either state buses or private vehicles. If necessary permissions are granted, commercial metro rail service for GIFT City and Gandhinagar will start in June.

Ahmedabad Metro Route Map

Ahmedabad Metro Route Map

Ahmedabad Metro Station List

  • North-South Corridor
  1. Motera stadium
  2. Sabarmati
  3. AE6
  4. Sabarmati Railway Station 
  5. Ranip
  6. Vadaj
  7. Vijay Nagar 
  8. Usmanpura 
  9. Old High Court Interchange 
  10. Gandhigram
  11. Paldi 
  12. Shreyas 
  13. Rajiv Nagar 
  14. Jivraj Park 
  15. APMC 
  16. Gyaspur (depot)
  • North-South Corridor (Extension)
  1. Motera stadium
  2. Koteshwar Road
  3. Vishwakarma College 
  4. Tapovan Circle 
  5. Narmada Canal 
  6. Koba Circle 
  7. Juna Koba 
  8. Koba Gam 
  9. GNLU 
  10. Rayson
  11. Randesan 
  12. Dholakuva Circle 
  13. Infocity 
  14. Sector-1 
  15. Sector-10A 
  16. Sachivalaya 
  17. Akshardham 
  18. Juna Sachivalaya 
  19. Sector-16 
  20. Sector-24 
  21. Mahatma Mandir
  • GNLU- GIFT City Branch Corridor
  1. PDPU
  2. GIFT City
  • East-West Corridor
  1. Thaltej Gam
  2. Thaltej
  3. Doordarshan Kendra
  4. Gurukul Road
  5. Gujarat University 
  6. Commerce Six Road
  7. Stadium
  8. Old High Court (Interchange Station with North-South Corridor)
  9. Sabarmati River
  10. Shahpur
  11. Gheekanta
  12. Kalupur Railway Station  
  13. Kankaria East 
  14. Apparel Park Depot
  15. Apparel Park
  16. Amraiwadi
  17. Rabari Colony 
  18. Vastral 
  19. Nirant Cross Road 
  20. Vastral Gam

Ahmedabad Metro Progress

Six stations in the East-West Corridor, a part of the Ahmedabad Metro, are operational. On 6 March 2019, the 6.53 km (4.0 mi) underground Ahmedabad Metro Rail opened between Vastral Gam and Apparel Park.

The first phase of Ahmedabad Metro will be completed by August 2022. Construction of phase two began in January 2021. A line from Phase 2, connecting GNLU to GIFT City, is expected to open as early as 2024.

The average speed of the current metro trains and the soon-to-be-used trains is 33 km/h (21 mi/h) and 80 km/h (50 mi/h). The track gauge of Ahmedabad Metro is 1435 mm (4 ft 8 in), with 750 V DC third rail electrification.


The Ahmedabad Metro route connects many parts of the city to make the journey easier for the passengers. Also, Ahmedabad Metro is the best way to travel in the city as it has reasonable fares and flexible timings.

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