Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway Route Map, Progress and More

The Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway will be built from Tharad to Ahmedabad under the Bharatmala project. This will benefit many villages of Gandhinagar district, Banaskantha, Patan, Mehsana and Ahmedabad. Kiritbhai Solanki held a meeting with Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari, in which many topics were discussed.

Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway Overview

  • Length: 213 km
  • Lanes: 6/8
  • Cost: ₹6000 crore
  • Starting Point: Tharad
  • Ending Point: Ahmedabad
  • Completion Time: Not Decided

The proposed Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway is a 213 km long 6-lane access control greenfield expressway that is to be constructed by the Government of India under the Bharatmala Project. NHAI sources said this route aims to connect the northern part of India with Jamnagar, Kandla, and Mundra ports for imports and exports.

Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway Route

The Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway will pass through 22 villages in Mehsana, Unjha, and Visnagar talukas. National Highway Authority and District Land Office Inspector have started the joint metrological survey on this project. This will include a lot of government and privately owned land along the Expressway.

Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway will be connected to The Amritsar-Jamnagar Economic Corridor at Tharad near the Gujarat-Rajasthan border and at the south end will be connected to the Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway, which will run south of the Ahmedabad city.

Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway Progress

The process of land acquisition is going on. Tenders were invited in October 2022 for the construction of 3 packages, but the tenders were canceled in November 2023.

Tharad Ahmedabad Expressway Latest Updates

Farmers have protested in Banaskantha demanding to stop the survey work of the Tharad-Ahmedabad Expressway. Farmers of many villages of Jasali, Sardarpura, and Deodar taluka are opposing the survey. Farmers have submitted a petition to the provincial government demanding the exclusion of the internal survey from the Bharatmala project.

Farmers say that the government has started the survey of crops standing in the fields without any information. Which has caused huge losses to the farmers. Farmers say that despite repeated proposals to stop the survey of standing crops, no one is ready to listen.

Not only this, the sequence of cracks in the canal continues in the border area of Banaskantha district. Today water overflowed near Bhorol village in the Medhala Minor Canal of the Bhorol Distributor Canal and went into the fields around the canal. However, farmers are not getting benefits due to canal water entering the ready crops (like cumin, raida, and castor).

Farmers say that today more water comes out of the canal than every day. Even after the gap fell, the crops standing in the fields were filled with water for more than three hours.

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