Bangalore Chennai Expressway Route Map, Cost, Progress, and More

The country’s first unique expressway is going to be built in South India. After the construction of this Bangalore Chennai Expressway, it will seem as if you have come to Europe or America. When this Chennai Bangalore Expressway is ready, the distance between the two metros will reduce to about 2 hours.

About Bangalore Chennai Expressway

  • Total Length: 258 Kilometers
  • Lanes:
  • Cost: ₹17,930 crore
  • Starting Point: Hosakote, Bengaluru Rural district, Karnataka
  • Ending Point: Sriperumbudur, Kanchipuram district, Tamil Nadu
  • Completion time: 2025

There was a time when enjoying the journey on the expressway was no less than a dream come true. A comfortable and tireless journey can be done on these roads. However, now that era has passed and the network of expressways is continuously being laid in the country. 

Talking about the country’s largest state Uttar Pradesh, the maximum number of highways and expressways are being built here. However, now a special expressway is being built in the country on the lines of Europe and America. This expressway is being built between Chennai and Bangalore.

Talk about the distance between the two metropolitan cities of the country, it is 300 kilometers. However, when this expressway is ready, both distance and time will be saved. After the completion of this expressway, the distance will be reduced to 263 km. At the same time, the time will also be reduced from 5 hours to 2 hours 15 minutes.

The road will be well maintained, ensuring smooth traffic and more safety. The distance between cities will be reduced by 80 km. The permitted speed on the expressway is 120 km/h.

Bangalore Chennai Expressway Benefits

  • The travel time between the two cities – Bangalore and Chennai will be significantly reduced. At present it takes 6-7 hours to reach from one city to another, whereas after the completion of the chennai to bangalore expressway, the travel time will come down to 4 hours.
  • With the opening of the expressway from Hoskote region, the automobile hub of Karnataka, more employment opportunities will be created.
  • Cities falling on the expressway route will become a good investment opportunity for real estate investors as property prices may increase after the expressway is ready.
  • The expressway will have essential amenities such as truck bays, underpasses for vehicles and animals and pedestrian walkways, and a traffic administration system.
  • The Bangalore Chennai Expressway promotes the Chennai Bangalore Industrial Corridor, which aims to give a boost to the region’s manufacturing sector.

Bangalore Chennai Expressway Cost

According to reports, this expressway will be constructed by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). It will cost around Rs 16,730 crore. One special thing about this expressway is that after its completion, the cost of logistics cost will come down from 16% to 6%.

Bangalore Chennai Expressway Route

Bangalore Chennai Expressway Route

The Bangalore Chennai Expressway passes through 3 states – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. 

Towns such as Hoskote, Malur, Bangarapet, Kolar Gold Fields, Venkatagirikota, Palamaner, Bangarupalem, Chittoor, Ranipet and Sriperumbudur are located on the Bangalore Chennai Expressway route.

The distance between these two cities from Bangalore Chennai Expressway (Chennai Bangalore Expressway) will be the shortest as compared to other road routes. 

Currently three more routes pass through Hosur and Krishnagiri (Golden Quadrilateral), Old Madras Road, and the third route Kolar-KGF-V passes through Kota and Vellore.

The Golden Quadrilateral is the most commonly used of these three routes, making the distance between the two cities approximately 380 km. 

This new expressway will reduce the distance, and travel will also be easier and safer.

Bangalore Chennai Expressway Progress

15% work on Chennai Expressway has been completed i.e. 14.4 km construction work has been completed. The expressway was expected to be operational by March 2023, however, it may take another 15-18 months considering the current situation. After the commissioning of this expressway, the travel time will be greatly reduced. Passengers can cover a distance of 258 km in four hours, which currently takes about 7 hours.

According to the news, this road will be prepared with better alignment. It is believed that by the year 2024, this expressway will be ready. After it is ready, vehicles will be able to run at a speed of 120 km per hour. This bangalore to chennai expressway will be made of 4 lanes.


1. What is the length of Bangalore Chennai Expressway?

The Bangalore Chennai Expressway is 258 km long, and will have 4 lanes.

2. When Bangalore Chennai Expressway will completed?

As per the latest development on project, we can say that Bangalore Chennai Expressway will be completed by end of 2025.

3. What is the cost of Bangalore Chennai Expressway?

The total project value of Bangalore Chennai Expressway is ₹ 17,930 crore.

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