Ganga Expressway Route Map, Cost, Progress, Benefits and More

Ganga Expressway is An ambitious greenfield expressway project in the state of Uttar Pradesh. In the first phase Judapur Dandu village in Prayagraj district and Bijauli village in Meerut district will be connected by the Ganga Expressway. The project is expected to be finished by December 2024, according to the government.

About Ganga Expressway

  • Total Length: 594 Kilometers
  • Lanes: 6 (expandable to 8)
  • Cost: ₹36,000 crores
  • Starting Point: Bijauli village, Meerut district
  • Ending Point: Judapur Dandu village, Prayagraj district
  • Completion time: December 2024

The Ganga Expressway is a greenfield expressway project of the Uttar Pradesh state government. The Expressway will have six lanes, with the option to expand to eight if necessary. It will be 594 kilometres long overall. 

The Ganga Expressway starts from Meerut and will finish in Prayagraj. Total 12 districts will be covered by the Ganga Motorway. This project is expected to cost around Rs 36,000 crore.

With the construction of the Ganga Expressway, Prayagraj is allegedly only eight hours away from Meerut. Nonetheless, the vehicles’ design allows them to operate at a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour. It’s feasible that in these circumstances the trip from Meerut to Prayagraj could be finished even faster.

Ganga Expressway Specifications: 

  • In Shahjahanpur, an airstrip 3.5 km long will be constructed on the Expressway so that Air Force planes can land and take off in an emergency. Main toll plazas for the Ganga Motorway will be located in Prayagraj and Meerut.
  • 12 more ramp toll plazas in addition to the main toll plaza.
  • A total of 8 road over bridges and eight flyovers will be constructed on expressway.
  • Identify industrial clusters at strategic locations Beside this Expressway.
  • Connectivity to the Yamuna Expressway and Agra-Lucknow Expressway will be Connected. Direct access between the national capital and eastern Uttar Pradesh will also be made possible by the Ganga Expressway.
  • Prayagraj and Meerut will be closer due to the Ganga expressway. This will allow a journey that takes more than 11 hours to be finished in 8 hours. Additionally, business and economic activity will pick up speed.

Ganga Expressway Route

Ganga Expressway Route

Covered Districts : 

  1. Meerut
  2. Amroha
  3. Bulandshahar
  4. Badaun
  5. Shahjahanpur
  6. Farrukhabad
  7. Hardoi
  8. Kannauj
  9. Unnao
  10. Rae Bareli
  11. Pratagarh
  12. Prayagraj

The Ganga Expressway will Connect 12 districts of Uttar Pradesh. The Ganga Expressway project holds significant importance as it serves as a vital route linking the western region of the state with the eastern region of Uttar Pradesh. The state’s eastern and western nodes being connected will allow the corridor’s entire length to flourish economically and in terms of infrastructure.

The Ganga Expressway intends to give rural communities that fall on the Ganga River last-mile connectivity. In rural Uttar Pradesh, the Ganga Motorway will help to streamline the transportation system in areas not yet served by Expressway. The Ganga Expressway will be crucial for East-West connectivity, but it will also enhance the ecosystem for motorway development and help the surrounding districts’ industrial and economic growth.

Ganga Expressway Progress

The Ganga Expressway from Meerut to Prayagraj has been divided into 12 packages to begin construction. A 594 km long Expressway will have 8 road over bridges and 8 flyovers built. While 12 toll plaza ramps will also be constructed. Along the Hapur-Kithore road, close to the village of Ataula, is where the construction of a flyover has also begun.

So far 94% land has been acquired for the expressway. Another bridge will be built in Garhmukteshwar, through which people from other districts including Hapur and Bulandshahr will be able to come easily.

Janpad to Hapur, 40% of the construction of underpass and overpass has been finished in various locations. On the Hapur to Kithor Road, close to the village of Ataula, a flyover is being constructed.

In addition, a main road spanning more than 25 km has been prepared. The state government is putting all of its focus into finishing the Expressway’s construction by December of next year in order to before Kumbh 2025. For this, the construction company has also been given specific instructions.

From the village of Shankar Tila in the Garh tehsil area of Hapur to the village of Piplauti across the Ganga, a 12-lane bridge is being constructed.

The 960-meter bridge that connects the two banks of the Ganga will have 16 pillars in total, with a gap of roughly 60 metres between each bridge. However, the construction of the pillar in the middle of the Ganga is hampered by the current high water level. In contrast, pillars are being built quickly around the periphery.


Ganga Expressway will lead to development of industrial development, trade, agriculture, tourism and other sectors. This will also accelerate the social and economic development of the region. Once completely constructed, the Ganga Expressway will become the longest route in Uttar Pradesh. It will connect the eastern and western parts of the state.

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