Sabarmati Riverfront: Longest Riverfront In The World, Stretching From Ahmedabad To Gandhinagar

Sabarmati Riverfront mega project has come up in Ahmedabad. Now the government is ready to start work on the next level to construct Sabarmati Riverfront Phase 3. AMC has started preparations for Phase 2, which will take place by 2026-27, so the entire work will be handed over to Sobha Group of Dubai.

According to the sources, work on the Sabarmati project has been started in Ahmedabad. The government has announced the start of the construction of Sabarmati Riverfront Phase-3. Forty percent of Phase-2 work has been completed before Phase-3 will be announced. Phase 2 will be extended from Shahibagh to Indira Bridge during operation. Phase II will have the lower promenade and main walkway. Phase III will go from Indira Bridge to GIFT City. MC has started work to complete Phase-2 by 2026-27 and Phase-3 will be handed over to Shobha Group of Dubai.

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Sabarmati Riverfront Project of Ahmedabad has become a beautiful place loved by city dwellers and tourists for the last many years. In 2005, its construction began, although it was first thought of in the 1960s. Since 2012, people have been letting the construction complete and enjoying the various parts. In 2020, the second phase of Sabarmati Riverfront was approved, which was meant to improve the environment, help people socially, and improve the economy.

This is a magnificent waterside development project located on the banks of the Sabarmati River in Ahmedabad. It is a deliberate effort to enhance the overall quality of life, environmental sustainability, recreational spaces and economic growth of the city. There are parks, bridges, playgrounds, biodiversity parks and many other landscapes, which together form a vibrant ecosystem.

Sabarmati Riverfront Phase 2

The Sabarmati Riverfront Project was conceived in the 1960s, but completed in 2005. During Phase 1, areas of the waterfront were gradually opened to the public, with various facilities taking shape. Continued development of the project led to Phase 2 approval in 2020. This large shelter on the banks of the river is a testimony to the very thoughtful planning done in its development.

The Sabarmati River flows through a monsoon-fed catchment area spanning 21,674 square kilometres. The water level of the river is controlled by Dharoi Dam and Vasna Barrage. The Narmada Canal, which beautifies the flow of the Sabarmati, contributes to its abundance.

Sabarmati Riverfront Project

Sabarmati Riverfront is not just a project; It is a huge public space with many recreational facilities. The riverbank is a hub of activity ranging from expansive parks and gardens to event venues, promenades, piers, markets, food facilities and children’s play areas. Lush greenery, beautifully designed spaces and serene environment are its charm, which attracts the locals and tourists.

Sabarmati Riverfront is not just a project; It is a living example of the collective aspirations of the people of Gujarat, careful planning and visionary leadership. It is a symbol of progress, community and a bright future for Ahmedabad and beyond, which grew from a proposed idea in the 1960s to a massive haven.

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Sabarmati Riverfront, inspired by the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has become a signature project on the urban landscape of Gujarat. The riverfront is targeted to be extended from Subhash Bridge to Indira Bridge when the first phase is completed, the second is underway and the third is built. When it is completed, it will be 38.2 kilometers long, making it one of the longest and most beautiful riverfronts in the world.

The Gujarat government, inspired by the success in Ahmedabad, is planning to extend the Sabarmati riverfront to Gandhinagar. The planned phases 4 and 5 will reach from Indira Bridge in Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar and provide an eco-friendly recreational space. The expansion plans show the government’s commitment towards public welfare and sustainable development.

Gujarat’s budget, along with the national interim budget, for 2024–25 will focus on poverty alleviation, women empowerment, agricultural development and youth welfare. This synchronicity links social welfare with national and state-level priorities.

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