Noida International Airport – Know Progress, Cost and More

The new airport to be built in Jewar area of ​​Greater Noida. This project by the name of Noida International Airport (NIA) is going to become the fourth largest airport in the world and the largest in Asia.

Noida International Airport (NIA) located in Gautam Buddha Nagar is a green field airport which is going to play an important role in enhancing domestic and international connectivity. Delhi NCR, Noida and Western UP are expected to get a lot of help from Noida International Airport.

Jewar Airport will have many history in itself. Its design is also showing the Indian tradition. The design of Jewar International Airport has been made in such a way that when you enter NIA, you will feel that the entire airport is like a mansion. After the completion of the construction of Noida International Airport, it will become the largest airport in the country.

About Noida International Airport

  • Project Area: 1327 hectares (Phase 1)
  • Cost: Rs.10,050 crore (Phase 1)
  • Deadline: September 2024 (Phase 1)
  • Location: Jewar, Gautam Buddha Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh
  • Capacity: 12 Million (Phase 1)

The airport to be built in Jewar will actually work like an aviation hub. Noida International Airport is to be built on 3500 acres, in the first phase 1327 hectares of land is to be developed in NIA. 

The length of the runway will be 3900 meters and its width will be 45 meters. Commercial activities are to be done at the airport on 60 acres of land and hotel and mall are also to be built in this much land.

NIA is located at a distance of 72 kilometers from IGI Airport, while it is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from Noida-Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

Jewar Airport will have two passenger terminals. Terminal 1 of Noida International Airport will have a capacity of 30 million passengers, while Terminal 2 will be able to handle 40 million passengers every year. 

Both the terminals of Noida International Airport will be interconnected so that passengers can easily go to the other terminal. Terminal 1 of NIA will be built in two phases.

Once all the four phases of Noida International Airport are completed, it will be able to handle more than 70 million passengers per annum.

The number of stands earmarked for keeping the aircraft at the airport will be 186. 

The project is expected to generate 1 lakh employment opportunities in the area. It will also known as the Delhi new Airport.

Progress of Noida International Airport

Progress of Noida International Airport

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone for the construction work of Jewar Airport on 25 November in 2021. A tender was floated in 2019 for the construction of this airport. The construction time line has started from 1 October 2021.

The development work of Noida International Airport is going on as per schedule and will be ready by the end of 2024 within the approved budget.

At present, the construction work of Jewar Airport’s airstrip and control room is going on at a fast pace. According to the news, flights will start flying from here by 30 September next year (2024).

The first phase of the Noida airport project is to be completed by the year 2024 at an estimated cost of over Rs 10,050 crore. Spread over 1300 hectares of land, this project will serve 1.2 crore passengers per year.

Connectivity to Noida International Airport

People will be able to reach Jewar Airport from Delhi in a very short time. 

For this, a new metro line is being laid. The DMR report states that if someone from New Delhi wants to go to Jewar Airport by Metro, then Express Metro would be a better option. 

After the construction of the new corridor, the metro going from Jewar Airport to New Delhi Railway Station will be connected to the IGI Airport Metro Line from there. 

Explain that just as Indira Gandhi Airport is connected to Delhi Metro, similarly Jewar Airport will be connected.


Apart from Uttar Pradesh, This airport will also prove to be very beneficial for Delhi. The airport will be very strong and durable.

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