Biju Expressway Route Map, Cost, Progress, and More

The biggest project of the Odisha government, under the leadership of CM Naveen Patnaik, will be the Biju Expressway project. The name of this project was dedicated to the famous leader of the state, Shri Biju Patnaik.

The project aimed to connect the south with the west and develop the road infrastructure of Odisha. West Odisha connects North and South Odisha through this project. The road will connect many deep areas of the state. The highway connecting these backward areas will impact the economic activity and overall development of these areas.

Biju Expressway Overview

  • Length: 656 km
  • Lanes:
  • Cost: Rs. 9730 Crore
  • Starting Point: Chandili
  • Ending Point: Rourkela
  • Deadline: Phase 1 – March 2023, Phase 2 – 2026

About Biju Expressway 

The Biju Expressway project is a state expressway project of Odisha. The 656 km long expressway between Vedvyas and Sampalpur is part of the primary highway. The expressway is a part of the state highway from Rourkela to Koraput. A highway will be built from Koraput to Rourkela. The under-construction expressway will halve the travel time between Rourkela and Koraput.

Biju Expressway Route Map

Biju Expressway Route Map

This expressway will cover Ambapani, Bhella, Boriguma, Dharmagarh, Godbhanja, Jharsuguda, Kotpad, Nabarangpur, Nuapada, Padampur, Paikamal, Papadahandi, Rourkela, Sambalpur, Sinapalli, Sohela, Sundargarh districts of the Odisha state.

Benefits of Expressway

The cities and towns through which the expressway passes are famous for many reasons. Some places including the sloping terrains of the Eastern Ghats, trade and commerce centres, historical temples, art and design, cultural heritage, agriculture, and forestry are famous for tourist attractions while other places are famous for tourism attractions. , The construction of expressways connecting these cities will not only save travel time but will also increase connectivity with other states.

Biju Expressway is the biggest road project in Odisha. The length of this highway is 656 kilometers and will pass through Kalahandi, Balangir, and Koraput. This is why I hope that increasing the number of vehicles on these routes will strengthen the regional economy. 

At the same time, the state government has started the process of making the areas around Biju Expressway an economic corridor. Commercial property will also be built here. Many companies have also expressed their desire to start industries in these areas.

Biju Expressway Progress

The expressway work will be done in phases. There will be two phases. Work and development will be done in different areas in both phases.

Biju Expressway Phase 1 

The first phase of the expressway will be a 254-km four-lane highway. This existing road will be rebuilt as an expressway. The remaining 402 km of road will be made into two lanes. First, an expressway corridor is being built to promote industrial development in the surrounding areas.

Biju Expressway Phase 2

Till completion, the second phase of the Biju Expressway project will be called Biju Expressway 2. This will be a just started project. Many opportunities will arise as Phase 2 of the project progresses. This will reduce transportation distances in cities.

The under construction length of the second phase of the expressway will be approximately 335 km. This section will be four miles long. The second phase of the expressway will connect Jeypore and Berhampur. The route will be four lanes from Ganjam to Koraput.

Biju Expressway Cost 

The first phase of the Biju Expressway project will cost approximately Rs 3,630 crore. Biju Expressway Phase 2 will cost approximately Rs 6100 crore.


The expressway project of the Odisha government is a major effort to connect the country. This will help in creating a link between the backward and remote areas and cities of the state. Building the expressway will also strengthen the economy of the state and will also lead to residential and industrial development in the area.


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