Faridabad Jewar Expressway Route Map, Cost, Progress and More

Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of expressways in the country. Soon another expressway will be added to this list. An expressway will quickly be built in the country’s most populous state, reducing the distance from 90 to 31 kilometers. Nowadays the journey takes two to three hours. It will take only fifteen minutes to cover that route. With the construction of this short road, people from two states will be able to travel directly to Jewar Airport in Noida.

Faridabad Jewar Expressway Quick Facts

  • Length: 31.425 km
  • Cost: ₹2414.67 Crore 
  • Lanes: 6 (expandable to 8)
  • Starting Point:  Link Road junction on the Delhi Mumbai Expressway near Sector 65 in Faridabad
  • Ending Point:  Jewar Airport
  • Completion Date: June 20, 2025

About Faridabad Jewar Expressway

The Faridabad Jewar Expressway, which is set to be completed on June 20, 2025, will become an important route for locals and tourists heading towards the upcoming Jewar International Airport (or Noida International Airport).

This six-lane expressway, which is part of the central government’s Bharatmala project, will connect Sector 65 of Ballabhgarh with Dayanatpur town near Jewar.   As a result, the distance between Jewar Airport and Faridabad will be reduced by 31 km from the current 90 km.

The construction works started successfully on June 22, 2023, under the authority of NHAI. The new expressway aims to connect Faridabad to several major highways and expressways:

Faridabad Jewar Expressway Route

The planned 31.425 km expressway will originate from Link Road Junction on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway near Sector 65 in Faridabad and provide a direct link to Jewar Airport. As per the development plans, about 22 km of the expressway will fall in Haryana, while 9 km will fall in Uttar Pradesh. The project also includes the construction of a 10 km long service road lane.

Faridabad Jewar Expressway Village List

Haryana Villages:

  1. Jhuppa
  2. Fallaida Khadar
  3. Bahpur
  4. Kalan
  5. Chhaysa
  6. Mohiyapur
  7. Mohana
  8. Hirapur
  9. Mehmadpur
  10. Narhawali
  11. Panhera Khurd
  12. Fafunda
  13. Bahbhalpur
  14. Sotai
  15. Chanawali
  16. Shahupura

Uttar Pradesh Villages:

  1. Dayanatpur
  2. Vallabhnagar
  3. Karauli Bangar
  4. Farida Bangar
  5. Amarpur
  6. Jhuppa in Gautam Buddha Nagar

Faridabad Jewar Expressway Cost

The estimated cost of the project of the Faridabad Jewar Expressway will be Rs 2414.67 crore. Once the expressway is operational, the distance from Jewar airport to Faridabad will reduce from 90 km to 30 km.

Faridabad Jewar Expressway Construction

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) constructs the Faridabad Jewar Expressway. The expressway project will cost Rs 2414 crore. The authority plans that the construction will be completed by June 2025 and Jewar Airport will be in service by December 2024.

The NHAI, which built and manages the Faridabad to Jewar Airport Expressway, has already said that the Kundli-Ghaziabad-Palwal Expressway (KGP or Eastern Expressway) has an entry-exit point at Maujpur Chhayansa-Mohana Road, about 6.5 km from Mohana village. Is away from.

An interchange is already being built at Mohana village to connect the KGP Expressway with Jewar Road. The Mohana-Baghpur-Phalaida Highway, which is close to the border between Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, is being renovated with entry and exit ramps, making it easier for people from both states to travel smoothly.

Faridabad Jewar Expressway Progress

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) recently reported that the Faridabad Jewar Expressway is expected to be completed by June 25, 2025. The ambitious bridge will connect Faridabad, Haryana with Jewar Airport.

Work on the expressway began in June 2023. Faridabad Jewar Expressway will be inaugurated in 2025, which will lead to Jewar Airport. Jewar Airport-Faridabad Corridor, once completed, will bring huge development to Faridabad and Jewar. Site. This will also maintain smooth connectivity between both the nodes. This will also improve micro real estate markets.


The main objective of the Faridabad Jewar Expressway is to simplify the route to the new airport and improve road connectivity. Moreover, it has immense potential to encourage the establishment of new enterprises, industries, and residential and commercial projects by promoting economic growth, real estate prospects, and development in the surrounding areas.

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