12 Lakes Revitalisation In Chennai – A New CMDA Initiative Will Give New Life

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) is trying to revive twelve important water bodies in the city.

Some of the most famous lakes in Chennai that will be revived in the next two years include Perumbakkam, Perungudi, Velachery, and Puzhal.

The CMDA has outlined a comprehensive roadmap that aims to revive, strengthen, and beautify these lakes and create spaces for community events.

Initially, the CMDA had announced the develop five lakes (Perumbakkam, Retteri, Mudichur, Kolathur, Sembakkam, Ayanambakkam, Velachery, Adambakkam, Puzhal and Madambakkam) with an investment of Rs 120 crore. Perungudi and Porur lakes are now included in the plan.

The aim is to preserve these lakes as public spaces to prevent them from being damaged in the future. A special-purpose vehicle will be created to implement the project.

As a part of the roadmap, the CMDA has created a comprehensive database for each lake. This database covers the issues faced by the water body, the history of encroachment, lake features, and possible improvements and redevelopment plans.

“Urban planning is often seen as the concretization of land, with blue spaces being replaced by brown spaces,” he told the Times of India. “However, this view ignores its multi-faceted nature. Creating blue-green spaces is a vital part of urban planning.”

“Urban planning can lead to more sustainable and liveable cities by prioritizing the creation and maintenance of blue-green spaces. This approach not only solves environmental challenges but also promotes a harmonious relationship between urban development and nature” he said.

The water resources department will focus on removing encroachments, strengthening dams, and building more drains. Metrowater will remove illegal sewage connections.

Also, the CMDA is preparing a flood master plan to increase the lake’s capacity by assessing flood risk. Each lake has a different development theme from residents.

For instance, the Perumbakkam Lake is envisioned as a community lakeside and bird interpretation point, with plans to enhance biodiversity and create habitats for dragonflies, birds, and butterflies.

People of Chennai are eagerly awaiting the revival of these lakes, which are an important part of the social and cultural life of the city, with the CMDA spearheading the transformation.

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