Vande Bharat AC Sleeper Train: The first Vande Bharat AC sleeper train will start from Delhi.

The new avatar of Vande Bharat will give the biggest gift to the country this year. Bharat Train from Marwar will be the country’s first AC sleeper Vande.

A centralized maintenance center is being set up in Jodhpur for Vande Bharat’s latest AC sleeper models. Approximately Rs 166 crore will be spent for this. All the Vande Bharat AC Sleeper Train  running across India will be maintained here.

Indian Railways gifted three Vande Bharat trains to Rajasthan. The first train ran between Ajmer and Delhi. Jaipur-Udaipur and Jodhpur-Sabarimala (Gujarat) were connected by trains. Railway Ministry said that AC sleeper Vande will be brought to India.

This announcement will soon be implemented in Jodhpur. Because the operational depot of AC Sleeper Vande has started at Bhagat Ki Kothi station of Jodhpur, this coach will be brought here. HYT Engineering Private Limited, Pune, has completed the study.

Vande Bharat AC Sleeper Train

Experts say that Sleeper Vande will make India air conditioned. The train starting from Jodhpur between Delhi and Mumbai will run till Bandra.

The initial project may provide three sleeper AC Vande Bharat trains. There will be 24 coaches in one train and 16 coaches in two trains. Three lines have been built here for its maintenance.

Electrification of Jodhpur-Delhi-Mumbai track is almost complete. Doubling work will be completed at some stations from February to March. The train from Jodhpur is expected to start in March.

Vande, the first sleeper in India to run between Jodhpur and Delhi, will have around 823 berths. Out of 16 coaches, there will be 11 AC-3 tier, 4 AC-2 tier and 1 First Class coach. Additionally, 34 separate berths will also be reserved for employees.

Vande Bharat Sleeper Train Interior

vande bharat sleeper train interior

vande bharat sleeper train interior 3

vande bharat sleeper train interior 2

vande bharat sleeper train interior 1

This premium luxury train will give the best environment with additional facilities.

Each coach will have three toilets, not four. There will also be a small pantry. Passengers have the facility to order water bottles, salt, biscuits, packed food, coffee and cold drinks from the mini pantry.

It will have sleeper seats, so that passengers will be able to sleep comfortably throughout the journey.

The seats feature a classic wooden design, with floor lighting in the coach.

It will have passenger-friendly stairs to climb up to the doors and berths.

It will be able to run up to 160 km/h.

In the Jodhpur to Sabarimala to Ahmedabad Vande Bharat train, the general chair car fare is Rs 995, while the executive class fare is Rs 1975. The fare is Rs 2,130 per passenger in executive class car and Rs 1,115 per passenger in ordinary chair car. Sleeper fares may increase by some percent.

The fare from Jodhpur to Delhi can range from Rs 1,200 to Rs 2,000, an estimate.

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