Nagpur Goa Expressway Route Map, Cost, Progress, and More

The construction of Nagpur Goa Expressway, also known as Shaktipeeth Expressway, has been approved by the Government of Maharashtra. Land acquisition for the expressway is expected to begin soon. Officials said the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation will do the land acquisition and maintenance for the project.

The expressway has been named “Shaktipeeth Expressway” because this expressway will pass through three important Shaktipeeths, Ambajogai, Mahur and Tuljapur. This expressway will connect to many other important national highways and expressways to ease transportation across the region.

About Nagpur Goa Expressway

  • Length: 760 km
  • Cost: Rs. 83,600 crore
  • Lanes: 6
  • Starting Point: Pavnar, Wardha district, Maharashtra
  • Ending Point: Patradevi, North Goa district, Goa
  • Completion Year: 2028/29 (expected) 

The Nagpur Goa Expressway will be 760 km long and a six-lane wide expressway that will connect Nagpur to the west coast of India in Goa. The expressway will start from Pavnar in Wardha district and will end at Patradevi in Goa. The expressway will cost Rs. 83600 crore in total to construct it. This expressway is expected to be fully constructed in somewhere 2028-29.

The state government has decided to connect with Maharashtra by building the Nagpur-Goa Expressway. The Goa-Nagpur Expressway will reduce travel time from 21 to 8 hours. Shaktipeeth Expressway. The expressway will cover parts of Vidarbha, Marathwada, and western Maharashtra that the Nagpur-Mumbai Expressway does not cover.

Nagpur Goa Expressway Route

Nagpur Goa Expressway Route

The Goa Nagpur Expressway is 760 km long and spreads across 10 districts of Maharashtra and 1 district of Goa. Nagpur Goa Expressway will also connect many tourist places of Maharashtra and Goa; 

Here is the list of districts cover by Nagpur Goa Expressway:


  1. Yavatmal
  2. Hingoli
  3. Nanded
  4. Parbhani
  5. Latur
  6. Beed
  7. Osmanabad
  8. Solapur
  9. Kolhapur
  10. Sindhudurg


  1. Patradevi, North Goa district

Nagpur Goa Expressway Timeline

The Maharashtra government has made an ambitious project to build a new expressway that will connect Nagpur to Goa. The Nagpur Goa Expressway, which had a budget of Rs 83,600 crore, was slated to be commissioned in September 2022 and sanctioned in March 2023.

The project aims to significantly enhance the connectivity, tourism, development, and economic growth of the region.

The expressway is expected to reduce travel time from about 18 to 20 hours to about 7 to 8 hours. This Vidarbha will become a challenge for the people of Marathwada and Western Maharashtra.

A construction timeline has not yet been given, but the expressway is expected to open to traffic by 2028 or 2029.

This project has a huge scale. Once built, it is expected to boost employment opportunities in the area, bringing much-needed socio-economic development to an area that has been struggling for some time.

Nagpur Goa Expressway Benefits

  1. Goa Nagpur Expressway will connect Nagpur and Goa, this will increase import and export trade.
  2. Shaktipeeth Expressway will also boost tourism in the pilgrimage centers of Vidarbha, Marathwada, Western Maharashtra, and Goa.
  3. When the expressway opens, it will provide faster connectivity to Goa and Nagpur from busy cities like Mumbai and Pune.
  4. The journey from Nagpur to Goa will be reduced by 8 hours. Currently, it takes 21 hours. The expressway will make the drive easier and safer.
  5. The state government has decided to launch a Green Corridor project. In such projects, thousands of trees are planted along the motorways.
  6. Many industrial and agriculture-based projects will be launched to boost the economy of the state. The establishment of such centers will create more employment opportunities.

Nagpur Goa Expressway Progress

Goa Nagpur Expressway will also connect Nagpur Mumbai Expressway. The first phase of Mumbai-Nagpur Expressway opened on 11 December 2022. Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis announced plans for the Goa Nagpur Expressway in September 2022. The government received 3 bids in January 2023. In march 2023, The Government of Maharashtra approved the expressway in the budget presented for FY 23–24. Technical and feasibility reports have also been started. Government set a deadline of 2028-29 for completion of Nagpur Goa Expressway.

Construction of the Goa Nagpur Expressway will begin after the completion of the Mumbai Nagpur Expressway. Tenders have been called to construct the project; After receiving all the proposals, a consultant will be selected to look after the project. Construction will start once the tender and consultant are finalized. The construction of the expressway will last for about five to seven years. People can use the expressway from 2028 to 29.


The 760 km long Nagpur Goa Expressway and it has six lanes. Shakti Peeth Expressway will connect 11 districts of Yavatmal, Hingoli, Nanded, Parbhani, Latur, Beed, Osmanabad, Solapur, Kolhapur, Sindhudurg and Patradevi (North Goa). It will connect the Samruddhi Mahamarg Expressway at Wardha, 701 km south of Nagpur. The project will reduce travel time from 21 hours to 8 hours, providing faster connectivity and boosting the economic and real estate sector.

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