Bus Rapid Transport facility from every city of Delhi-NCR to Noida International Airport

Possibilities of bus facility from every city of Delhi-NCR to Jewar Airport will be explored. Noida International Airport Limited (NAIL) has started looking for an agency for this. 

The selected agency will prepare the feasibility report of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS). Apart from this, it will also study the traffic and its structure in the cities of NCR.

The country’s largest international airport is being built in Jewar. The first phase is being built on 1334 hectares. From here, a target has been set to start flights from 2024. Work is underway to connect the airport to other cities. 

For this the possibilities of metro, high speed train, pod taxi were explored and work is going on fast in this direction.

At the same time, there is a plan to connect the airport with the Delhi Mumbai Expressway. Now bus connectivity from Delhi NCR to airport will also be done. 

NAIL will appoint a consultant agency for this. For this RFP (Request for Proposal) has been issued. There will be applications till 17th April.

Nodal Officer of Noida International Airport Limited, Shailendra Bhatia said that the selected agency will study the existing system of traffic, infrastructural facilities, passengers coming to the airport from the cities of Delhi NCR. Agency will prepare the feasibility report. The agency will prepare the financial model and DPR for BRTS. Further action will be taken after this report comes.

NIA Connectivity

With the construction of Noida International Airport, the work of multimodal connectivity is also going to move forward. After the approval of this proposal in the board meeting, Rs 300 crore has been released. From May itself, the work of marking the land for the metro station and buying it, if needed, will start. Also, the work on the pod taxi project will start moving forward.

Funds will also be released to National Highways Authority of India to start work of interchange to connect Noida Airport with Metro, Pod Taxi to Delhi-Mumbai Corridor. These projects stuck due to lack of budget will now be able to come back on track.

NIA To Be Ready By 2024

Asia’s largest international airport is being built in India. The construction work is going on fast here. Please tell that this international airport is being built in Jewar, UP. Christoph Schnellmann, Chief Executive Officer of Noida International Airport, told that the building, runway and main terminal of the airport are taking shape. The site is now starting to look like an airport.

It is expected that by the end of the year 2024, the first flight will be taken from the airport. Noida International Airport is expected to be ready before that. The construction work here is going on for the last about 9 months. Leveling and excavation work has been completed. About 2500 employees are working on the site. There will be all the modern facilities here, let’s know about it.

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