Third Mumbai is Coming Soon: Maharashtra Govt. Releases Land Notification To MMRDA-Led Agency

The Urban Development Department (UDD) of Maharashtra issued two notifications, taking advantage of the improved connectivity with the inauguration of the Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link (MTHL) or Atal Setu. This included developing ‘Third Mumbai’ near the Chirle end.

This involves handing over a large part of the area around MTHL to the MMRDA-led New Town Development Authority (NTDA) for development purposes, as per Hindustan Times reported.

MMRDA had requested the appointment of NTDA for MTHL ‘impact area’ (approximately 323.44 sq km) on August 28, 2023.

Of these, 80 villages are from the Navi Mumbai Airport Impact Notified Area, 33 villages from the Khopta New Town Notified Area, two villages from the Mumbai Metropolitan Regional Plan, and nine villages from the Raigarh Regional Plan, the notification said.

The second notification for objections and suggestions regarding the removal of CIDCO and the appointment of the MMRDA-led NTDA as the planning authority for the Third Mumbai.

This new city will be located around Ulwe, Pen, Panvel, Uran, Karjat, and the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), surrounding the Navi Mumbai International Airport.

As per the plan, the third Mumbai will be a full-fledged city with data centers, commercial complexes, MNC hubs, banks, financial institutions, luxury and affordable homes, and extensive knowledge parks.

Construction of a second Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) in Kharghar is also planned. BKC will cover an area of approximately 150 hectares and will become a dedicated commercial zone attracting Indian and multinational companies.

A ring road will also be developed to connect Third Mumbai to Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. The third one is between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. Navi Mumbai Airport is a new project. Access control ring road will be built like Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

About Third Mumbai 

The “Third Mumbai” is a purposeful effort that aims to use innovative strategic plans and connectivity to create a dynamic urban environment. The state has recently broken ground on a project that aims to balance the region’s growing population and also set new standards for urban development. The creation of the “Third Mumbai” promises to be an example of modern urbanism, reflecting a blend of inclusivity, innovation and sustainability in its design and development.

The vision of a “Third Mumbai” not only expands the city’s geographical boundaries, but also transforms urban life. This new city is located around the upcoming Navi Mumbai International Airport, which will house a mix of data centers, commercial complexes, multinational corporations, banks and financial institutions. Parks and comprehensive knowledge centers are also a part of the ambitious plan.

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