Amas Darbhanga Expressway Route Map, Cost, Progress, and More

Preparations are going on in full swing for a big expressway in Bihar. This highway will pass through eight districts of the state including Aurangabad, and Darbhanga, and reach Gaya. This expressway, which will run from Darbhanga to Gaya, will have four lanes. 

Its construction will provide a lot of convenience to the people. Amas Darbhanga Expressway, which is about 189 km. It is long and will start soon. Land acquisition for this has started. Officials are acquiring land in Fatuha and Dhanrua of Patna. CO and other officers of both areas have met the farmers and asked them to involve them in this work.

Amas Darbhanga Expressway Overview

  • Length: 189 km
  • Lanes: 6
  • Cost: ₹6,927 crores
  • Starting Point: Amas (Gaya district)
  • Ending Point: Bela Nawada (Darbhanga district)
  • Completion Year: 2024

About Amas Darbhanga Expressway

The Amas Darbhanga Expressway is part of the Bharatmala project, will be 189 km long, and will be built by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). The Greenfield Expressway will mostly be a six-lane, HUNCH-controlled route. If the plan works out perfectly, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate Bihar’s first dedicated expressway in 2024.

The NH-119D expressway will effectively connect Amas village in the Gaya district and Bela Nawada village in the Darbhanga district. The planned route will be the main economic corridor of the region. Once completed, it is likely to bring many benefits to the city, such as more business, more employment opportunities, and better road connectivity.

The basic objective of the scheme is that the distance between North and South Bihar will be reduced by about four hours. It will also pass through the center of Bihar, connecting the outskirts of Aurangabad, Gaya, Patna, and Darbhanga.

NHAI said the expressway will use parts of the Patna Outer Ring Road and the 9.75 km long Kachchi Dargah-Bidupur Bridge projects. Both projects are currently in development. There are plans to extend the route north to Jaynagar on the Nepal border.

SA Infrastructure Consultants Pty Ltd has started land acquisition work to prepare the Detailed Project Report (DPR).

Officials said the work will be completed in four phases. There are plans to build a four-lane road by 2024. A tender for two phases of this four-package road has been issued. At the same time, the process of the other two packages is going on. With the completion of this work, it will be easier to travel between North Bihar and South Bihar. The difference will reduce to about four hours.

Amas Darbhanga Expressway Route

Amas Darbhanga Expressway Route

The expressway will start from Amas, Aurangabad, which is strategically located on the Delhi-Kolkata NH-19. It will pass through seven districts before connecting with NH-27 at Nawada village in Darbhanga. These 7 districts are Patna Nalanda Arwal Jehanabad Vaishali Samastipur and Darbhanga.

According to the information, the 189 kilometer long expressway will start from Amas in Aurangabad. Later it will go to Arwal, Jehanabad, Patna, Vaishali, Samastipur, and Darbhanga. Land acquisition work is going on continuously for this big project. It is being told that the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) will build the highway.

Once completed, it will significantly improve connectivity and accessibility between Amas and Darbhanga. Tourism, agriculture and industrial development in the region will get a boost when travel time will be saved and there will be smooth traffic flow. Land acquisition comes with some challenges, but collaboration with local communities will help in realizing this infrastructure priority. Amas-Darbhanga Expressway has tremendous potential to accelerate the development process of the state.

Amas Darbhanga Expressway Village List

  1. Amas
  2. Mathurapur
  3. Guraru
  4. Panchanpur
  5. Bela
  6. Ibrahimpur
  7. Okri
  8. Pabhera
  9. Ramnagar
  10. Sabalpur
  11. Chaksikandar
  12. Dabhaich
  13. Bahuara
  14. Shahpur Baghauni (Tajpur)
  15. Shiv Nandanpur (Burhi Gandak)
  16. Basudevpur
  17. Ramnagar (Laheriasarai)
  18. Bela
  19. Nawada (Darbhanga)


Farmers and local businesses, who contribute significantly to Bihar’s economy, will benefit from the Amas Darbhanga Expressway in a big way. This road route will provide a simple, quick, and efficient road connectivity for farmers and other local businesses to transport their crops to different locations, helping them sell more and earn better.

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