Surat Outer Ring Road: Work On Phase-2 Will Begin After Diwali, Tender Process In Final Stage

It was planned to do 27.77 km of work in two phases in the outer ring road being built around Surat. Under which 17.32 kilometers will be worked in the first phase and 10.83 kilometers in the second phase.

Most of the work in the first phase has already been completed. The work of packages 1-6 is currently going on. For the second phase of the work, the work is currently underway, including making an estimate of the total cost and verifying it.

473.37 crores is estimated to be spent in the preliminary phase for the second phase of operation. Including railway overbridges, fly overbridges, and underpasses along the road. The tender process for the second phase will be processed soon.

After that, the operations are likely to be started after Diwali of the current year or January 2025. The operation of Phase 2 will provide connectivity to areas including Niyol, Dindoli, Kharvasa, Khambhasala, Sania-Kande, Pardi-Kande, Bhanodara, and Sachin.

It is worth mentioning that the first phase is estimated at 486.44 crores and the second phase at 373.37 crores. More than 960 crore rupees will likely be spent on the operation of the 27.77 km outer ring road. The 27.77 km ring road is likely to cost more than 960 crores. The cost of 10.45 km of Ring Road will be 473 crore.

Phase 1: 17.32 KM – Work Completed on 14.59 KM, Rest will be completed Soon

Phase 2: 10.45 KM – Tender Process In Final Stage, Work will begin soon

Surat Outer Ring Road

  • 66.77 KM – Outer Ring Road also includes state-national highways
  • 21 KM – The National Highway between Hazira and Sachin is extant
  • 13 KM –  State Highway between Ichhapore to Saroli is extant
  • 27 Km – Construction of the ring road between Variav to Sachin is underway

Palsana-Dhulia and Surat Kadodara road will get connectivity

After the completion of Phase-2 of the Outer Ring Road, major roads in the areas of Niyol, Dindoli, Kharvasa, Eklera, Sania-Kande, Pardi-Kande, Bhanodara, Sachin: Ring road connectivity will be available. Also, Surat-Kadodara Road, Didoli-Palsana, Dindoli-Chalthan, Dindoli, Bhestan and Sachin, Eklera roads connectivity will be available.

In the first phase, the work including Kosad-Bharathana ROB, and Valak overbridge is pending

In the first phase, work was started under Package-1 and Package-2 for the work of 17.32 km area. Even in package 1, work is being done by dividing it according to different areas. Under packages 1-13, the Kosad-Bharthana railway overbridge, the overbridge on Valak village to Surat Kamrej road, and the vehicle underpass on Garhpur road near the junction are currently underway. After the completion of this work, the complete work of Phase 1 will be completed.

Provision for BRTS-MRTS along Ring Road

In the ongoing work of the Outer Ring Road, provisions have been made for the National Highway from Hayat Hazira to Sachin and the State Highway from Ichhapore to Saroli if the width is to be increased in the future. Along with this, if the BRTS bus and MRTS facility are to be built in the future, a separate provision has also been made for that.

Land of villages including Deladwa, Kharvasa will be taken over In the coming days

The first phase of Outer Ring Road is nearing completion. Urban Ring Development Corporation Limited has fixed the estimate to start the second and final phase. Efforts have been made to issue the tender soon. Then after the start of phase-2 operations, the possession of the land will be taken as per the requirement. For the operation of Phase-2, in the coming days, the land of villages including Niyol, Dindoli, Kharvasa Eklera, Sania-Kande, Pardi Kande, Bhanodara, Sachin will be taken over.

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